Melto South Africa | Milk and Cookies SA

The perfect treat to bring to a braai, Melto makes you crave more s’mores.  So what do you do with a package of s’mores?  Light a fire and melt some marshmallows!  This package is the project of Three2One Designs, whose product is part of a year assignment of 4 industrial design students, who were assigned […]

Deluxe and The Yard in Fisheye | Milk and Cookies SA

The meanest cups of Deluxe coffee and views from The Yard from a fisheye lens. A Saturday morning rendezvous at The Yard: home to Deluxe Coffeeworks (top 6 coffee places in the CBD) The Bitches Tits for lunch,  Mucky Mary’s for an all day breakfast, and The Dogs Bollocks for some kick ass burgers. The […]

10 days in Turkey | Milk and Cookies SA

Talking Turkey: Turkey doesn’t have the largest landmass, but every centimeter of it unveils another adventure. Once the center of the Ottoman empire, this cultural mecca has more to do in it than one could prepare for. Thousands of years ago, ancient civilisation crossed paths with Turkey during the Bronze Age.  Around the turn of […]

ShaShana Tova Rosh Hashanah explained | Milk and Cookies SA

All you need to know about a Rosh Hashanah feast, and what you’ll be eating. Originally written for    Shalom chaverim (hello friends), So it’s clear to me that most people know, Jewish or not, that Rosh Hashanah is a big holiday for the Jewish culture and a kick-start to the High Holy Days. These […]

Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Holden Manz in Franschhoek is where you’d rather be. As a normal person sitting in their small, cold apartment, you’re bound to drift away to a land of warm cozy cottages with fire places burning, a supple comforting bed, and rightfully deserved peace and quiet. Your meditative state induces illusions of feathery pillows, deep bathtubs, […]

Gourmet Boerie Rocking the Daisies | Milk and Cookies
Townie by Bea Vo of Bloomsburg

I didn’t make this up but I wish I did, the new hybrid treat – the ‘townie’. Cross-bread pleasures are trending hard and honestly, why shouldn’t they be?  Beautifully baked goods smushed together with two self-indulgent items that when on their own are decadently more-ish, but together, a union of two perfect sugary souls for […]

Coffee Beans Milk and Cookies SA

6 top coffee shops & brands in the Mother City. Deluxe Coffeeworks The guys from Deluxe set out to make bold beautiful roasted beans affordable and accessible.   For them, coffee is not an elite beverage but a caffeinated delight meant to be shared with anyone and everyone.  The two main shops are super neat […]

Cookies n Milk by Faroz Quazi Milk and Cookies

Charming cookie dipping video. Inspired by childhood memories, Feroz Quazi once dipped his cookies into whatever cup of hot tea he could find on the table.  Only after his parents caught him, did he realise that it’s only your tea you should dip into.

Oyster Porn Knysna Oyster Festival | Milk and Cookies SA

The Knysna Oyster Festival had the freshest, plumpest, savoury, bursting with the taste of the ocean oysters and for 10 days of winter South Africans flock to the town of Knysna to celebrate these oddly delicious delicacies. After a highly informative discussion about oysters from the owner of 34 Degrees South and provisions from Tapas […]

Green Chefs Knysna Milk and Cookies SA

The beginnings of great chefs in the local Knysna and South African community.   Pleasure in food is mostly derived from taste, but the sense of it, the reason behind the love of dish, adds a sensational value to the depth of otherwise simple food. At the Knysna Tourism office, the meal is simple.  Ras […]

Women's Walk Knysna Oyster Festival Milk and Cookies SA

Pick n Pay hosts Pink Drive through Women’s Walk in Knysna. I’m pretty much certain that cancer will reach everyone, somehow, at some pinnacle sad moment of a person’s life.  It’s a horrible illness that takes your dignity away and I have great resentment towards it. Cancer has been present in my past and is still ever […]

Sticky chicken with sweet chilli-plum sauce header | Milk and Cookies SA

Sweet sticky chicken recipe made simply with a pop of roasted peppers.  And, a lovely delivery arrived at the doorstep with 4 fantastic sauces in it from the Elgin Valley of South Africa delivered by Jen from @CowAfrica and a very well dressed young man named Fourie. Saturday evening was spent making delicious sticky and […]

Knsyna activities | Milk and Cookies

Check out what’s what at the Pick n Pay Oyster Festival June 28 – July 7. So much going down. And note, on the 5th of July there will be some BMX & half-pipe action at the festival pavilion and a night jam at The Yard, more information here. THE LINEUP   DATE DAY TIME […]

Mewwel Masala | Milk and Cookies SA

Quid Pro Quo, by Meryl A. White, resident attorney and superior flavour developer. In common usage, quid pro quo refers to the giving of one valuable thing for another. It’s a Latin word, literally meaning “this for that,” an exchange of desired goods. We lawyers like to call these old timey Latin phrases a “legal […]

Knysna Oyster Festival Milk and Cookies SA

A super celebration of oysters in the oyster capital of South Africa, Knysna.  In just about 2 weeks time starts the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival.   30 years since the festival began and the hopes of tasting oysters in and around an oyster driven city is luring me.  Parties, tastings and jols around the […]

PIckled Peppadew Hamper | Milk and Cookies

What’s awesome about Peppadew’s pickled onions are their dynamic flavour when cooked, it’s like they double juice.  Chop them up, add them to a pot before cooking grains, soups, or sauces and their pickledness adds a tangy bonus.  And, those jalapeños are dynamic with on rustic nachos or a sandwich with some sliced chicken.   […]

Hail in Cape Town | Milk and Cookies SA

Who would have thought that the rains would come pouring down in buckets of white in Cape Town?  Cape Town, for just a moment, turned into a winter wonderland. And, for those of you thinking that this happens every so often, it doesn’t.  People’s jaws had to be lifted off of the pavement as the […]

South African Farmers Mushroom Association |

Mushrooms are a super dooper food that will help you live longer.  Hey, remember when your thumbs used to bleed and blister until you got enough 1-ups to last you an entire decade of Mario Brother’s 1, 2, and 3?  No, mushrooms aren’t going to help you spit fireballs, but they will help you prevent […]

Cape Royal |

Bistro 1800˚ uses fresh seasonal ingredients for their new autumn menu.  The view from the top of Bistro 1800˚ on the top floor of the Cape Royal at the Sky Bar is panoramic; looking out towards Green Point and then the sea near by, but back towards Signal Hill and up towards the mountain. By the […]

World Baking Day Bake Brave |

The whole world is baking today from the U.S.A. to Europe to Africa.  Last week a packaged arrived at the desk of an unsuspecting baker.  Wrapped in chains no less, @ILoveBakingSA (Stork) sent two guys in black suits and sunglasses into the office to unlock a box full of goodies for World Baking Day, May […]

Carol's Cakes |

Carol Wienburg makes gorgeous cakes in Sea Point, Cape Town at the bottom of Africa. 

Guacamole recipe | Milk and Cookies SA

Holy easy guacamole Batman. In college, best friend and roommate, Shea E., made guacamole by the kilo, and then shared it.  Still not sure if sharing was by choice or by guilt, but it didn’t matter because Shea would pass on the dish like a champion with a giant bag of tortilla chips.  The crunching […]

Let's all get pickled with Peppadew | Milk and Cookies SA

Since 2003, Peppadew has been a staple in this American girl’s expat life. I won’t lie to you, it’s incredibly challenging not to call a piquante pepper a Peppadew, the brand is synonymous with their flagship product. That little, red, sweet and sour, deliciously crunchy, tender, magical pepper was an eye-opening burst of flavour the very first time I […]

Tamboers Winkel Cape Town | Milk & Cookies

Tamboers Winkel might just be the coziest breakfast in Cape Town. This warm and tender eatery is packed full of deliciousness.  The crew behind the counter waits patiently while people look at their chalkboard menu, that changes seasonally, and then again over to the selection of wines that runs up the wall.   Then happy […]