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Impi Challenge | Milk and Cookies SA

The Impi Challenge – 12ks with 18 obstacles

My ass hurt for 3 straight days after.  The Impi Challenge scared me. I haven’t really had upper body strength since just about ever in my life.  At gymnastics I hopped around doing back flips and cartwheels but couldn’t do a pull up for absolute shit.  Even in my “basketball days” during push-ups I’d go […]

Nitida Wine and Sauvignon Festival | Milk and Cookies SA

Nitida and the Sauvignon Festival in Durbanville

The first Season of Sauvignon for Milk and Cookies.  My colleague, who is now an eating partner and am currently boldly committing her to a status of friendship (Girl with a Teacup I’m talking to you), once told me that wine isn’t just about the wine, it’s about what is happening when you are drinking […]

Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

A night well spent at Holden Manz wine estate and kitchen

Holden Manz in Franschhoek is where you’d rather be. As a normal person sitting in their small, cold apartment, you’re bound to drift away to a land of warm cozy cottages with fire places burning, a supple comforting bed, and rightfully deserved peace and quiet. Your meditative state induces illusions of feathery pillows, deep bathtubs, […]