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Secret Festival via Toffee at Spier wine farm and estate | Mil and Cookies

Milk and Cookies at Secret Festival market, Spier wine farm

Milk and Cookies is about to rock the  Secret Festival market at the Spier wine farm and estate, this coming weekend.  After a pretty sweet ticking time bomb in my mailbox, Milk and cookies was invited to join in the secret fun of the secret market along with some other South African food lovers and […]

Oh-Lief Baby Shower

Oh-lief Natural Baby Products is run by sisters Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan. Their office smells of lavender and honey.  Their products: organic, natural, and sustainable.  Their shop: warm and bright.  And, their love of local: perfection. A few weeks ago, Milk & Cookies held its first POP-UP shop at Salt Circle in Woodstock.  Christine, […]

The Lunchtime Pop-Up Shop: August 20-24

Milk & Cookies is heading back to its Salt Circle roots, but sans the old market set-up. This time, we are going mobile, organising our first ever POP-UP Shop, with new yum-yums galore. Take a break from your usual lunch eats and come visit Aug 20-24, when lunchtime stars will feature alongside classic cookie goodies. […]

You Me and Everyone We Know Market @Toffie Pop Fest

Set in town at City Hall, Toffie Pop Fest boasts a coming together of designers, artists, media gurus and all else who are interested in pop culture. Running for an extended weekend,  March 30th – April 1st, the fest celebrated international talks, exhibits, a market, delicious food, and other bits and interesting bobs. But, what […]

Toffie Pop is Getting its Cookie On!

Cookies, music, food, funky clothes, booze, and cookies, sorry were they mentioned already?  Oh, yeah?  Well, just one more time.  Cookies!  Yes, the cookies are going to be at the Toffie Pop Market this Friday night.  Set perfectly in their happy environment of people who love food, Cookies of Milk & Cookies, will be featured at […]

Saturday Feb 25th Salt Circle Market (Across from the Old Biscuit Mill)

Time to taste the flavored milk and cookies. Don’t let the teal building fool you, take a step inside to find there’s a gigantic space full of designers and young people who’ve recently moved in.  The Salt Circle Arcade (formerly purple), is aiming to attract the entrepreneurial youth of South Africa and it’s succeeding.  Woodstock is […]