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NYC | Milk and Cookies

NYC: a handy top to do list for Tammi’s travels

Tammi has been to New York City before, but not as an adult.  Tammi is a feminist, design admirer, art curator, food lover, and fashion guru and soon to fall in sweet sweet love with New York City. Because I love Tammi and am head over heels for the delicious big apple, I made a […]

West Palm Beach Antiques roadshow festival | Milk and Cookies -1

The West Palm Beach antiques roadshow edition

A day at the West Palm Beach antiques festival full of treasure.    West Palm Beach is full of old people, this area of Florida is like Sea Point, Cape Town and that is why it’s an easy to transition fluidly between the two homes. A joy of this environment and tropical climate, is the fabulous events […]

12 Christmas trees New York City to London

The 12 Days of City Christmas Trees: New York City to London

Oh happiness, Christmas trees and Christmas cheer.  Stereo typical happiness with the magic of awesomely decorated trees. 1: Covent Garden Christmas Tree Covent Garden, London This stunning tree is a landmark of sparkling beauty in London’s popular Covent Garden. 2: Jack Daniels Whisky Barrel Tree Covent Garden, London If you’d thought you could get drunk […]

Sunday Parkways in Portland

When the season is right, Portland shuts down the main roads of city neighborhoods and turns them into bicycle flying freedom.  Hundreds of Portlandia residents strap on their helmets, pump up their tires, and ring ring their bells as they head to the starting line.  Ok, it’s not a race, it’s more similar to a very leisurely stroll.  Among […]

Salt and Straw: Ice Cream in Portland, Oregon

In line, we stood waiting, wondering, what would Salt & Straw have in store for three food loving, but most importantly ice cream adoring eaters?  As we neared the fridge filled with what I consider the best culinary invention of all time., my mouth began to salivate, it was almost ice cream tasting time, my […]

Hitched in Key West

Besides for the attractive sandy beaches and the young and old partying till wee hours of the early morning “wooing and wahooing,”  Key West is famous for its (well deserved)  picturesque wedding destinations in America.   And, what’s a better reason to travel to a beautiful location than to celebrate the union of two people who…. ok, […]