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Chakalaka couscous: A 3 step 15 minute recipe

This is a staple vegetarian recipe for meat free Mondays that takes almost no effort and is packed with vegetables and whole grains.  Add any roasted or fresh vegetables to give it some personal funk. Recipe: Chakalaka couscous Servings: 4 – 6 Ingredients: couscous | 1.5 cups dry chakalaka | 1 can salt and pepper […]

Guacamole recipe | Milk and Cookies SA

Holy Cinco de Mayo guacamole recipe, Batman!

Holy easy guacamole Batman. In college, best friend and roommate, Shea E., made guacamole by the kilo, and then shared it.  Still not sure if sharing was by choice or by guilt, but it didn’t matter because Shea would pass on the dish like a champion with a giant bag of tortilla chips.  The crunching […]

A potato tribute | Milk and Cookies

Tribute Potatoes

Just a little tribute to Drizzle and Dip for her potato recipe suggestions: how to make the best roasted potatoes.  Although I didn’t use duck fat, I shook the shit outta those potatoes, poured the oil on hot, and roasted them for a loooong time.  And, they tasted so frickin’ good.  Thanks for the tips it was […]

Easy crouton recipe | Milk and Cookies

Croutons | easy step-by-step photo recipe

I’m never able to finish a loaf of bread but can’t bear to see it thrown away.  It’s like growing up were are always told there are starving kids in Africa and you know what, there are actually starving kids in Africa, our parents were not lying to us just to get us to eat […]

Roasted Eggplant | Milk & Cookies

Roasted Eggplant | step-by-step photo recipe

So, Thursday, at the Earthfair market, little baby brinjals/eggplant sung out to me, purple, petite and a box for R10.   Ok, I’m calling it eggplant, I’m American, I live in South Africa, and there are just a few things that’ll never change.  I call garbage “rubbish” and use the word “kak”, so let’s hope all you […]