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The best of the garden route | MIlk and Cookies SA

The best restaurants all along the Garden Route, South Africa

The top picks along South Africa’s most famous drive. From fine dining, to fish and chips, to markets galore, there’s something for whatever you fancy. The Garden Route is a gift of gorgeous food along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.  While the people living there already know the secret to life […]

The Legend of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

Legend has it, Biker Jim was once a repo man who decided to ditch his career with cars and live life to its capacity. Throughout his life’s feats and adventures, Biker Jim journeyed to Alaska making a friend who would soon be the catalyst for Biker Jim’s new chapter just west of the Rocky Mountains. […]

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The zoom zooms of cars are silent when entering the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on an off day.  All that surrounds are the quiet suburbs of Indianapolis.  But, for a short period of time yearly, this part of town pumps with sleeveless shirts, Budweiser beer, car enthusiasts, sports fanatics, and branding galore.  Pulling up through the underpass into […]

Nashville and the Farmers’ Market

Nashville is exactly like Memphis, but cleaner and with less bail bond shops.  The people are friendly with a sweet southern accents and the buildings have character that seems familiar to the state of Tennessee.  Everyone is curious to know more about you and genuinely are nice, which is, well, really nice.  Home to country […]

Bikes on the Rack

Milk & Cookies hits the road. Such a pleasure to see scratches on the car from the weight of a bike, hipster points for bikes, minus points for uncool helmets.