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Oyster Porn Knysna Oyster Festival | Milk and Cookies SA

Oyster porn

The Knysna Oyster Festival had the freshest, plumpest, savoury, bursting with the taste of the ocean oysters and for 10 days of winter South Africans flock to the town of Knysna to celebrate these oddly delicious delicacies. After a highly informative discussion about oysters from the owner of 34 Degrees South and provisions from Tapas […]

How To Roast a Pepper | Milk & Cookies

How to roast a pepper | Step-by-step

Not sure why, but in my previous non-cooking life, I thought roasted peppers came from a magical already oiled and salted, pepper tree.  This is not true, believe it, I had to.  And, when I found out from a friend that roasting peppers required very little work,  the browbeating task of slaving away to remodel […]

Braai Quiche: upcycle those leftovers

Even though it’s been raining and miserable in Cape Town that doesn’t mean the  hard cores and desperates for summer stop their braaing (a braai is a barbecue for the 10s of Americans reading). Instead of the usual reheated leftover culprits, here’s an easy recipe to use all that uneaten goodness (or for just an […]

The Kitchen is Totally Bitchin’

Standing outside, waiting for lost friends, (The Kitchen is inconspicuously located in Woodstock, so keep your eyes peeled), Karen Dudley approaches a group of what looks to be lost patrons and invites us in.   We explain that we are waiting for the rest of our direction following impaired friends (they blamed the delay on their GPS… I blame […]

The Legend of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

Legend has it, Biker Jim was once a repo man who decided to ditch his career with cars and live life to its capacity. Throughout his life’s feats and adventures, Biker Jim journeyed to Alaska making a friend who would soon be the catalyst for Biker Jim’s new chapter just west of the Rocky Mountains. […]

The Lunchtime Pop-Up Shop: August 20-24

Milk & Cookies is heading back to its Salt Circle roots, but sans the old market set-up. This time, we are going mobile, organising our first ever POP-UP Shop, with new yum-yums galore. Take a break from your usual lunch eats and come visit Aug 20-24, when lunchtime stars will feature alongside classic cookie goodies. […]

Brunch at Salt Cafe in Bantry Bay

Let’s be honest, for most Capetonians, Salt Cafe seems a little bit beyond the reach of the pocket, ok fine pretentious.  It’s located at an expensive hotel that can be full of tourists during busy season.   And, after reading the ratings on the typical review sites, Tripadvisor and so on,  it was  a tossup between average […]

Tom Yum(my)

We all know that every neighborhood needs its good, simple, restaurants, that you can rely on when you refuse to cook, wash dishes, or make 2 minute noodles…. again.  Tom Yum is cozy, familiar, and …. yummy. Yes, that pun just happened, but only because it’s worth the cheesy descriptions. They serve really decent dependable South […]

Root Vegetable, Mushroom, & Goat Cheese Quiche

Quiche can be made with any ingredient as long as it has a crust, eggs, milk, and cheese.  It’s a very easy base that caters for any filling your little food loving heart desires.  When everyone is saying you are an unbelievable cook, you’ll know all you did was assemble, and that cheese and eggs […]

Knead Bakery on Kloof

Knead is gorgeous, calling all food lovers to take a peek inside. The fine wood sprinkled with flour, the smell of homemade bread seduces you once seated, and the magic of Knead continues for the duration of your stay and may even make you happy for the rest of your day.  Sit back, grab a cappuccino, […]