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Christmas Cookies with fruitcake recipe Milk and Cookies

Christmas cookies with fruitcake filling

Hello festive season: any excuse to eat sweets, Christmas cookies, and decadent treats for the next 2 weeks.  I went into this recipe thinking I was going to be giving most of these away and it wouldn’t be a problem keeping them around because I generally do not like fruit mince and even candied fruit […]

The essential foodie gift guide | Milk and Cookies SA

The essential foodie gift guide

Make life easy this festive season and get people what they actually want with these spot on gift ideas. For the celebrity chef aficionado:  Cookbooks It may seem like a typical gift to give your friend who already has 20 Jamie Oliver book s, but we’re telling you, your friend is a sucker for food […]

Pumpkin king

10 Halloween GIFs to hold you over until next year

Having Halloween withdrawal?  Here’s a few GIF’s to keep you covered until 2014.  1.  The Pumpkin King says great work everyone, so pat yourself on the back. 2.  But let’s remember all the awesome – like the dad who dressed his 2 year old up for a rave. 3.  And, looking forward to next year’s Treehouse of […]

NYC | Milk and Cookies

NYC: a handy top to do list for Tammi’s travels

Tammi has been to New York City before, but not as an adult.  Tammi is a feminist, design admirer, art curator, food lover, and fashion guru and soon to fall in sweet sweet love with New York City. Because I love Tammi and am head over heels for the delicious big apple, I made a […]

10 days in Turkey | Milk and Cookies SA

10 day guide to exploring Turkey

Talking Turkey: Turkey doesn’t have the largest landmass, but every centimeter of it unveils another adventure. Once the center of the Ottoman empire, this cultural mecca has more to do in it than one could prepare for. Thousands of years ago, ancient civilisation crossed paths with Turkey during the Bronze Age.  Around the turn of […]

ShaShana Tova Rosh Hashanah explained | Milk and Cookies SA

A Rosh Hashanah feast explained

All you need to know about a Rosh Hashanah feast, and what you’ll be eating. Originally written for    Shalom chaverim (hello friends), So it’s clear to me that most people know, Jewish or not, that Rosh Hashanah is a big holiday for the Jewish culture and a kick-start to the High Holy Days. These […]

chocolate covered matzah w salted caramel | Milk and Cookies

Chocolate covered matzoh with salted caramel

Many a year ago, I started to cover matzoh in butter and chocolate with kids because it’s clearly a fun activity with no downsides. Now, there are no kids and you get to eat it all. Many a year ago, I started to cover matzoh in butter and chocolate with kids because it’s clearly a fun activity with no […]

Passover dinner essentials | Milk and Cookies SA

The Passover Dinner Essentials: how to pass(over) as a Jew

Were you invited to a Passover (aka Pesach) dinner this year and have no clue what a Seder actually is? What is Pesach anyway? And why do religious Jewish men have those curly cues on the sides of their faces (which has nothing to do with Passover)? Were you invited to a Passover (aka Pesach) […]

12 Christmas trees New York City to London

The 12 Days of City Christmas Trees: New York City to London

Oh happiness, Christmas trees and Christmas cheer.  Stereo typical happiness with the magic of awesomely decorated trees. 1: Covent Garden Christmas Tree Covent Garden, London This stunning tree is a landmark of sparkling beauty in London’s popular Covent Garden. 2: Jack Daniels Whisky Barrel Tree Covent Garden, London If you’d thought you could get drunk […]

Channukah latke potato pancake recipe| Milk and Cookies

Chanukkah latkes recipe (aka potato pancakes, aka awesome)

Potato latkes are the best and such a treat during Chanukkah, serve them with applesauce and some sour cream or cottage cheese.  Easy step-by-step photo recipe.  I only make these for about 8 days of the year.  When I used to work for an afterschool program I made them for the entire month of December; […]

Blueberry and strawberry pie recipe | Milk and Cookies

Blueberry and strawberry pie: the berries unite | step-by-step photo recipe

estNostalgic Thanksgiving with a  festive blueberry and strawberry pie recipe.  The living abroad homesick cure. Thanksgiving talk is for another time, this is all about pie. Recipe: Blueberry and strawberry pie Cooking: Prep – 20 minutes, Cooking 40-55 minutes Ingredients: 1/2 cup blueberries 700g strawberries (about 3 heaping cups halved) 1/2 cup sugar 2 tablespoons […]

Happy Halloween, bullshit, cakes and cupcakes in South Africa (BOO!)

Carol Wienburg’s Cakes let me come in and shoot her incredible Halloween designs, goodies for the world to ogle.   And, while I snapped some shots, it got me thinking about Halloween. South Africa is an awesome place for sure, but holiday spirit here is nothing of the American sort.  I’m sure it’s irritating for the typical American to […]

Carol's Cakes Halloween | Milk and Cookies

Halloween festive feast of the eyes : photo gallery

A little festive feast of the eyes: Halloween cakes, cake pops and cupcakes made by local Cape Town baker Carol Wienburg.