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Granola muesli healthy balls recipe | Milk and Cookies SA

Granola muesli healthy balls – no bake recipe

These are hearty, crunchy and nutty.  There’s no messing around.  You just grind nuts, toast oats, and add in some other sweetness.  You can pretty much use any type of nut if you crush it up and don’t make it too buttery, but even then, too buttery is usually not too terrible. It’s like 2, […]

PIckled Peppadew Hamper | Milk and Cookies

Pickled Peppadew hamper giveaway

What’s awesome about Peppadew’s pickled onions are their dynamic flavour when cooked, it’s like they double juice.  Chop them up, add them to a pot before cooking grains, soups, or sauces and their pickledness adds a tangy bonus.  And, those jalapeños are dynamic with on rustic nachos or a sandwich with some sliced chicken.   […]

South African Farmers Mushroom Association |

10 reasons to eat mushrooms daily… they’re even cooler than in Mario Bros.

Mushrooms are a super dooper food that will help you live longer.  Hey, remember when your thumbs used to bleed and blister until you got enough 1-ups to last you an entire decade of Mario Brother’s 1, 2, and 3?  No, mushrooms aren’t going to help you spit fireballs, but they will help you prevent […]

Salmon and Goats Cheese Summer Salad Recipe |Milk and Cookies

Salmon and goats cheese summer salad | step-by-step photo recipe

An easy step-by-step photo recipe of how to make a bright, light, and filling salad. Recipe: Salmon and Goat Cheese Summer Salad Recipe Cooking Time:  Prep 20 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 80g smoked or fresh salmon 1 small head of lettuce a handful of rocket (optional) 100g goat cheese (or feta) 1 cup croutons 1 whole avocado […]