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NYC | Milk and Cookies

NYC: a handy top to do list for Tammi’s travels

Tammi has been to New York City before, but not as an adult.  Tammi is a feminist, design admirer, art curator, food lover, and fashion guru and soon to fall in sweet sweet love with New York City. Because I love Tammi and am head over heels for the delicious big apple, I made a […]

Slow Roasted Veggie Quiche

@ The Lunchtime POP-UP Shop So this is love.  Cheesy, eggy, creamy, quichey with vegetables roasted so slowly they candied themselves into sweet heaven.  Gluten free not because they have to be, but because this flakey pea crust is so decadent it smoothly transitions the soft tender middle of the quiche with the outside shell.  The veg […]