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hot chocolate frozen yogurt shake MIlk and Cookies SA

Low-fat chocolate frozen yogurt shake in 5 minutes

Super addictive and only 110 calories, this is going to be an anytime staple. I have been eating some variety of these everyday for the last month.  NoMU makes a low-calorie hot chocolate powder that you can choose to put sugar into but it’s rich enough without it.   The creamy frozen yogurt with a tart […]

Nitida Wine and Sauvignon Festival | Milk and Cookies SA

Nitida and the Sauvignon Festival in Durbanville

The first Season of Sauvignon for Milk and Cookies.  My colleague, who is now an eating partner and am currently boldly committing her to a status of friendship (Girl with a Teacup I’m talking to you), once told me that wine isn’t just about the wine, it’s about what is happening when you are drinking […]

Mint and cinnamon rooibos iced tea recipe

I feel like iced tea is super American, like these old British colonials look at me bewildered when I offer them cold tea. It’s actually really awesome, delicious, and tea is fantastic for health, so why not drink it cold when it’s too fakin’ hot for a boiling tea. Also, it’s much better than  buying […]

Beer College | Milk and Cookies

Learning to drink at Beer College: my 1 yr drinking challenge continues

Martin Tucker, creator of Keg King, co-founder of the Cape Town Festival of Beer, and champion beer guru, played host to an awesome evening of beer education.   All we needed to bring was a curiosity of beer and an open mind.  I obviously brought a pen and paper; in no world can I play it cool. In […]

Confessions of a non-alcoholic: My 1 year drinking challenge

Confessions of a non-alcoholic: My one year drinking challenge

Prelude to an article: This is an article written for Food24, a fantastic food loving website in South Africa (the biggest in Africa) hosting recipes, food bloggers, events, and restaurant reviews and listings.   I recommend you learn some stuff about food in South Africa, what’s different what’s the same, type deal, we have incredible produce here […]