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ShaShana Tova Rosh Hashanah explained | Milk and Cookies SA

A Rosh Hashanah feast explained

All you need to know about a Rosh Hashanah feast, and what you’ll be eating. Originally written for    Shalom chaverim (hello friends), So it’s clear to me that most people know, Jewish or not, that Rosh Hashanah is a big holiday for the Jewish culture and a kick-start to the High Holy Days. These […]

Oyster Porn Knysna Oyster Festival | Milk and Cookies SA

Oyster porn

The Knysna Oyster Festival had the freshest, plumpest, savoury, bursting with the taste of the ocean oysters and for 10 days of winter South Africans flock to the town of Knysna to celebrate these oddly delicious delicacies. After a highly informative discussion about oysters from the owner of 34 Degrees South and provisions from Tapas […]

Taste of Cape Town 2013

Taste of Cape Town birthday hoo-ha!

Birthday funzies at Taste of Cape Town… that’s why they had it that weekend. Last year, the canapé class was a blur.  It was the beginning of all the events that would be to come for the following year. Events that lead to working for Food24 and all the little embellishments that come with working hard in the food […]

Passover dinner essentials | Milk and Cookies SA

The Passover Dinner Essentials: how to pass(over) as a Jew

Were you invited to a Passover (aka Pesach) dinner this year and have no clue what a Seder actually is? What is Pesach anyway? And why do religious Jewish men have those curly cues on the sides of their faces (which has nothing to do with Passover)? Were you invited to a Passover (aka Pesach) […]

Pick n Pay “Finest” challenge

The Pick n Pay Finest range blogger cooking event. Here’s the thing about food, it’s communal; people standing around a kitchen, drinking, snacking, chatting. When I arrived at the Pick N Pay workshop, I wondered two things.  One, why is Kenilworth so far from Sea Point, and two, how would the other bloggers treat me?  I rarely, […]

Panamanian Chef Castrellon at the Table Bay | Milk and Cookies

Panamanian Chef Mario Castrellon at the Table Bay, Cape Town

Panamanian Mario Castrellon guest chefs at the Atlantic Grill, Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town Mario Castrellon, owner and head chef of Panamanian restaurant Maito, displayed a four course meal at the Atlantic Grill, Table Bay Hotel for a limited two night engagement. Chef Castrellon came to South Africa to infuse our beautiful local ingredients with his […]

Veggie burger patty | step-by-step photo recipe

For more foodventures follow @MilkandCookieSA on twitter. Believe it or not in my previous food life, I was a vegetarian ( a pescatarian for most of those years, I ate fish).  Learned myself how to make some good homemade vegetarian burgers after eating a lot of mushy processed junk, and so here is an easy step-by-step photo recipe of […]

Salmon and Goats Cheese Summer Salad Recipe |Milk and Cookies

Salmon and goats cheese summer salad | step-by-step photo recipe

An easy step-by-step photo recipe of how to make a bright, light, and filling salad. Recipe: Salmon and Goat Cheese Summer Salad Recipe Cooking Time:  Prep 20 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 80g smoked or fresh salmon 1 small head of lettuce a handful of rocket (optional) 100g goat cheese (or feta) 1 cup croutons 1 whole avocado […]

Roasted Eggplant | Milk & Cookies

Roasted Eggplant | step-by-step photo recipe

So, Thursday, at the Earthfair market, little baby brinjals/eggplant sung out to me, purple, petite and a box for R10.   Ok, I’m calling it eggplant, I’m American, I live in South Africa, and there are just a few things that’ll never change.  I call garbage “rubbish” and use the word “kak”, so let’s hope all you […]

How To Roast a Pepper | Milk & Cookies

How to roast a pepper | Step-by-step

Not sure why, but in my previous non-cooking life, I thought roasted peppers came from a magical already oiled and salted, pepper tree.  This is not true, believe it, I had to.  And, when I found out from a friend that roasting peppers required very little work,  the browbeating task of slaving away to remodel […]

Tom Yum(my)

We all know that every neighborhood needs its good, simple, restaurants, that you can rely on when you refuse to cook, wash dishes, or make 2 minute noodles…. again.  Tom Yum is cozy, familiar, and …. yummy. Yes, that pun just happened, but only because it’s worth the cheesy descriptions. They serve really decent dependable South […]

Root Vegetable, Mushroom, & Goat Cheese Quiche

Quiche can be made with any ingredient as long as it has a crust, eggs, milk, and cheese.  It’s a very easy base that caters for any filling your little food loving heart desires.  When everyone is saying you are an unbelievable cook, you’ll know all you did was assemble, and that cheese and eggs […]

Col’Cacchio’s Pizzeria

Whether it’s once a month or once a week, (sometimes more) Col’Cacchio’s is one of those places that you crave often.  And, once the craving hits, you have to get it, no matter what.  The cheese, the smells, the toppings, and the creativity, is what makes this classic Italian place a Cape Town staple, keeping the […]