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Cookies n Milk by Faroz Quazi Milk and Cookies

Cookies n Milk – cuteness in a video

Charming cookie dipping video. Inspired by childhood memories, Feroz Quazi once dipped his cookies into whatever cup of hot tea he could find on the table.  Only after his parents caught him, did he realise that it’s only your tea you should dip into. Advertisements

Salted Caramel Cookies | Milk and Cookies SA-1

Salted caramel cookies | an easy recipe for deliciousness

A sweet & savoury cookie slathered with salted caramel topping.  Beware, this recipe is not for the faint of heart, there is an unspeakable amount of salt, butter, and sugar in these.  If you feel as though knowing what’s in the most deliciously savoury salty sweet cookie recipe might deter you from eating, stop here. […]

Turkish delight cookies recipe | Milk and Cookies SA

Turkish delight cookie recipe

A classic chewy cookie recipe with rose water and Turkish delight chunks.  Nothing is better for me than combining cookies and travel.  It doesn’t happen often but I am thinking now it should happen more, why, why did I not realize this earlier? Usually, there really is no need for me to be inspired to […]

Peanut butter bombs recipe | Milk & Cookies

Peanut Butter Bomb Cookie Recipe (Gluten Free)

Peanut butter, pools of melted marshmallow, hazelnuts, dates, and flax-seed; no butter, no flour.  One of those cookies you could throw anything into only as a bonus; it’s a cookie with exponential possibilities because eating is the only mathematics I can excel in. Peanut butter has been a serious addiction, plowing through a jar, a bag of […]

Reminder Recipe Trials: Crunchy Toffee Chocolate Covered Matzah

It’s exactly as it sounds, crunchy, soothing, chocolatey, and yes, it’s on that weird Jewish cardboard matzah.  Don’t stress, if you aren’t familiar with matzah, or Jewish, I too will not be giving up bread for any extended amount of time, and how dare you think I’d give up bread for a greater being!  It’s […]

Peanut Butter Cookie Pop – Colossal Fail

Cake pops are really happening at the moment with their cute decorations and small bite sized package.  So I thought, I should give them a shot . But in true Milk & Cookies fashion, I wanted to try to make cookie pops!  And,  thinking I’d be clever enough to make it with left over cookies, […]

The New Cupcookie – Fresh Mint with Mint Icing

Unlike its brethren the fluffy cupcake, a cupcookie has a chewy center and a cookie crust.  I added some fresh mint that I cut up, after trying to boil it and steep it in milk, two methods that just failed big time. Added some peppermint chocolate, next week peppermint crisp, and made a bright and […]

Cookies in a cup shell – Cookie Power!

It’s the world’s most fearsome fighting cookie!   My flatmate has been playing the Ninja Turtles song over and over so…… What is a cupcookie you ask? Well it’s a cookie in the shape of a cupcake.  All the chewiness of your classic cookie with a dense inside and a crispy crust.  Yes! Cupcookies are […]

The Cookies, The Cookies

Ahh the cookies, the cookies, the cookies, my life is now filled with cookies!  This week and last week were a bonkers learning curve.  Trying to tweet all over the show, post on Facebook, bake the cookies, and spread the word about the  Salt Circle Market. I love meeting the people at the market, I […]

Salt Circle Market, March 3rd –

Tomorrow is the second week for the Salt Circle Market.  I am actually exhausted.  I have been on my feet all day baking and, running back and forth.  I need to find a way to make things a bit more clarified and routine.  When the last tray was heading into the oven I felt accomplished […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Devine, decadent, and easy, I have found my perfect chocolate chip cookie and now there’s peanut butter in it!   Gluten free, these cookies magically hold together and break apart chewy and creamy. Ogle them, I have been for days.  What a struggle it has been to not eat every last one of these. 

Classic Sugar Cookies

I have figured it out… I think!  Classic sugar cookies with a Madagascan vanilla bean paste. Finding that a lot less butter goes a long way, I hate having grease on my hands after eating a cookie. And, i’m loving the little sprinkles on top.

Trial and Error: Cookie Mush

Show me a woman who has never failed and I’ll show you one that hasn’t tried and so I failed at this particular trial. Experimentation with yogurt fail and the oven without the bottom burner didn’t work so well either.   All of the above didn’t stop me from wiping up the half-cooked cookies with […]

S’mores Cookies with S.A. Flavor

S’mores with ingredients from South Africa. Fair Trade Dairy Milk Top Deck (milk choc topped with white chic) to replace the Hershey’s.  Dairy Milk is decadent and smooth. Marshmallows, not sure about the pink ones. Tennis biscuits for the graham crackers, they just don’t have them there, but necessary for that crunch.  Here they have a […]

Cookie Testing: Round 1

Chocolate Chip Cookies Round 1 Needs less butter  more flour and maybe something else to make it pop.