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hot chocolate frozen yogurt shake MIlk and Cookies SA

Low-fat chocolate frozen yogurt shake in 5 minutes

Super addictive and only 110 calories, this is going to be an anytime staple. I have been eating some variety of these everyday for the last month.  NoMU makes a low-calorie hot chocolate powder that you can choose to put sugar into but it’s rich enough without it.   The creamy frozen yogurt with a tart […]

Where to eat outdoors this summer in Cape Town | Milk and Cookies SA

Where to eat outdoors this summer in central Cape Town

Well, well, well, summer, you’ve arrived again and it’s just so lovely to see you.    Basking in your rays of sunshine, coming off the beach with sandy, salty hair; there’s nothing better than sitting outside with a cool beverage in your hand during summer. The Mother City is something special during these many glorious months and […]

Browser and Grazer Tribe Coffee | Milk and Cookies SA

Tribe Coffee has a new roommate – Browser and Grazer purveyors of fine catering

Tribe Coffee bunks up with Browser and Grazer at the Foundry in Woodstock. The Foundry is trendy, there’s little doubt about that, but Tribe Coffee and its neighbours are subtly unpretentious and their vibe is mature enough that they get who they are.   Graffiti on the walls and awesome open brick face, they pull it off. […]

Deluxe and The Yard in Fisheye | Milk and Cookies SA

Deluxe and The Yard in fisheye

The meanest cups of Deluxe coffee and views from The Yard from a fisheye lens. A Saturday morning rendezvous at The Yard: home to Deluxe Coffeeworks (top 6 coffee places in the CBD) The Bitches Tits for lunch,  Mucky Mary’s for an all day breakfast, and The Dogs Bollocks for some kick ass burgers. The […]

Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

A night well spent at Holden Manz wine estate and kitchen

Holden Manz in Franschhoek is where you’d rather be. As a normal person sitting in their small, cold apartment, you’re bound to drift away to a land of warm cozy cottages with fire places burning, a supple comforting bed, and rightfully deserved peace and quiet. Your meditative state induces illusions of feathery pillows, deep bathtubs, […]

Hail in Cape Town | Milk and Cookies SA

The hail down in Africa and the sort of snow in Cape Town

Who would have thought that the rains would come pouring down in buckets of white in Cape Town?  Cape Town, for just a moment, turned into a winter wonderland. And, for those of you thinking that this happens every so often, it doesn’t.  People’s jaws had to be lifted off of the pavement as the […]

Carol's Cakes |

Carol’s Cakes and cakestyling

Carol Wienburg makes gorgeous cakes in Sea Point, Cape Town at the bottom of Africa. 

Tamboers Winkel Cape Town | Milk & Cookies

Tamboers Winkel | Cape Town

Tamboers Winkel might just be the coziest breakfast in Cape Town. This warm and tender eatery is packed full of deliciousness.  The crew behind the counter waits patiently while people look at their chalkboard menu, that changes seasonally, and then again over to the selection of wines that runs up the wall.   Then happy […]

Taste of Cape Town 2013

Taste of Cape Town birthday hoo-ha!

Birthday funzies at Taste of Cape Town… that’s why they had it that weekend. Last year, the canapé class was a blur.  It was the beginning of all the events that would be to come for the following year. Events that lead to working for Food24 and all the little embellishments that come with working hard in the food […]

Pick n Pay “Finest” challenge

The Pick n Pay Finest range blogger cooking event. Here’s the thing about food, it’s communal; people standing around a kitchen, drinking, snacking, chatting. When I arrived at the Pick N Pay workshop, I wondered two things.  One, why is Kenilworth so far from Sea Point, and two, how would the other bloggers treat me?  I rarely, […]

Wakaberry launch Kloof Street Cape Town | Milk and Cookies

Wakaberry: Froyo hits Cape Town

Frozen yoghurt finally hits the shores of Cape Town at Wakaberry.  Just in time for summer, Wakaberry opens in Cape Town. With the launch at their new Kloof Street location, other locations are coming soon, Capetonians came out  of their wintry slumps and into the arms of frozen yoghurt.  Bright colours, bands playing, all very […]

Pizza Foro at Colcacchios Cape Town | Milk and Cookies

Colcacchio’s Pizza Foro: skinny on the skinny

Colcacchio’s Pizza foro means you can eat the whole pie (like I didn’t before). Colcacchio’s always seems to be pumping, even on a Wednesday after the lunch rush has died down, the pizza’s still ordered by the many and the lovers of Italian food visiting this classic Cape Town staple day and night are always […]

Beer College | Milk and Cookies

Learning to drink at Beer College: my 1 yr drinking challenge continues

Martin Tucker, creator of Keg King, co-founder of the Cape Town Festival of Beer, and champion beer guru, played host to an awesome evening of beer education.   All we needed to bring was a curiosity of beer and an open mind.  I obviously brought a pen and paper; in no world can I play it cool. In […]

Panamanian Chef Castrellon at the Table Bay | Milk and Cookies

Panamanian Chef Mario Castrellon at the Table Bay, Cape Town

Panamanian Mario Castrellon guest chefs at the Atlantic Grill, Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town Mario Castrellon, owner and head chef of Panamanian restaurant Maito, displayed a four course meal at the Atlantic Grill, Table Bay Hotel for a limited two night engagement. Chef Castrellon came to South Africa to infuse our beautiful local ingredients with his […]

The Blend Cape Town | Milk and Cookies

The Blend | Cape Town

I keep thinking about The Blend.   Maybe I miss it a little bit, is that weird?  I guess a little.  Some places just fit.  Some places are without.   This place was just right; warm and friendly and I don’t know if it was because I’d spoken to Julie the owner before I met her, […]

Cape Dairy Experience in Stellenbosch

Of all things, I love diary the most; chocolate, ice cream, milk, cream, butter, silky smooth yogurt, it’s the most glorious of all food groups, the decadence, the dessert, my heart is heavily attached to the cholesterol it provides. The Cape Dairy Experience  is the closest to  an American State Fair in South Africa, all the farmers proud of their stock, […]

Gourmet Boerie Opening Cape Town | Milk and Cookies

Gourmet Boerie opens on Kloof | Cape Town

Gourmet Boerie – Every South African likes a good boerie, if you don’t eat meat, well then, I’m sorry.  I went through that phase too.  With items like scrambled eggs and bacon boeries and boeries topped with goat cheese and caramelized onions, I’m overjoyed to have returned to a carnivorous lifestyle , my heart might not be so […]

Easy crouton recipe | Milk and Cookies

Croutons | easy step-by-step photo recipe

I’m never able to finish a loaf of bread but can’t bear to see it thrown away.  It’s like growing up were are always told there are starving kids in Africa and you know what, there are actually starving kids in Africa, our parents were not lying to us just to get us to eat […]

Jellymongers at Spiersecret | Milk and Cookies

Bompas and Parr’s Pickle Chandelier

Dear Bompas and Parr (you crazy Jellymongers), You had me at food Dadaism. You could have stopped there and my brain would have had reels of footage to create. But, you had an hour to fill at the Spier Secret Festival. So go on you did and a pitter-patter of excitement of food experiments gone awesome was […]

Confessions of a non-alcoholic: My 1 year drinking challenge

Confessions of a non-alcoholic: My one year drinking challenge

Prelude to an article: This is an article written for Food24, a fantastic food loving website in South Africa (the biggest in Africa) hosting recipes, food bloggers, events, and restaurant reviews and listings.   I recommend you learn some stuff about food in South Africa, what’s different what’s the same, type deal, we have incredible produce here […]