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Milk and Cookies has moved websites

While the old Milk and Cookies site is being moved over to you can easily CLICK HERE to head over to the new site. All the same good stuff just a different URL.     Advertisements

The Adams Beach Picnic | Milk and Cookies SA

A beach picnic in the trenches

Two good guys I know, one who I have known for a long time and the other who I met a long time ago but have since realised that we are both particular people who take some time to let people get to know them and have only started to hit it off, threw a […]

Lanzerac Wine Estate for Food24 | Milk and Cookies SA

The new Lanzerac Wine Estate Deli with Chef Ryan Bradbury

After a morning of cruising around Stellenbosch (obviously with a stop at De Oude Bank), cars swishing by students hustling past, we pulled up to the well famed Lanzerac Wine Estate. Lanzerac is a respite only just a few kilometers outside of Stellenbosch.  It’s one of the oldest estates in South Africa yet it’s managed […]

chickpeapatties on expresso

Veggie burger patties: video recipe on the morning Expresso Show

Making veggie burger patties on the Expresso Show. Second time was much more relaxed. Loved the bit with all the hosts at the end. Lucian, the floor manager, can be sure I know how to spell his name after he, for the second time, said my name when I went on set to put me at […]

hot chocolate frozen yogurt shake MIlk and Cookies SA

Low-fat chocolate frozen yogurt shake in 5 minutes

Super addictive and only 110 calories, this is going to be an anytime staple. I have been eating some variety of these everyday for the last month.  NoMU makes a low-calorie hot chocolate powder that you can choose to put sugar into but it’s rich enough without it.   The creamy frozen yogurt with a tart […]

Chakalaka CousCous Recipe Milk and Cookies SA Home Page Image

Chakalaka couscous: A 3 step 15 minute recipe

This is a staple vegetarian recipe for meat free Mondays that takes almost no effort and is packed with vegetables and whole grains.  Add any roasted or fresh vegetables to give it some personal funk. Recipe: Chakalaka couscous Servings: 4 – 6 Ingredients: couscous | 1.5 cups dry chakalaka | 1 can salt and pepper […]

The best of the garden route | MIlk and Cookies SA

The best restaurants all along the Garden Route, South Africa

The top picks along South Africa’s most famous drive. From fine dining, to fish and chips, to markets galore, there’s something for whatever you fancy. The Garden Route is a gift of gorgeous food along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.  While the people living there already know the secret to life […]

The essential foodie gift guide | Milk and Cookies SA

The essential foodie gift guide

Make life easy this festive season and get people what they actually want with these spot on gift ideas. For the celebrity chef aficionado:  Cookbooks It may seem like a typical gift to give your friend who already has 20 Jamie Oliver book s, but we’re telling you, your friend is a sucker for food […]

Grand Parade | Milk and Cookies SA

Honouring Nelson Mandela at the Grand Parade in Cape Town

The heaviness that hangs over the Mother City and South Africa lays like a weight on the world’s shoulders.  Here’s to a rare soul who gave his life to honour other’s civil liberties and freedoms. Singing in honour of Madiba. Flowers laid to rest from a grateful gathering of the public. Flags at half-mast for the […]

Browser and Grazer Tribe Coffee | Milk and Cookies SA

Tribe Coffee has a new roommate – Browser and Grazer purveyors of fine catering

Tribe Coffee bunks up with Browser and Grazer at the Foundry in Woodstock. The Foundry is trendy, there’s little doubt about that, but Tribe Coffee and its neighbours are subtly unpretentious and their vibe is mature enough that they get who they are.   Graffiti on the walls and awesome open brick face, they pull it off. […]

Win tickets to the festival of beer Milk and Cookies

Beer here! Win 2 tickets to the Cape Town Festival of Beer

It’s the time of year when the Cape Town Festival of Beer brings a silly amount of beer to Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Green Point.  And this year you can go for free, get a tasting glass (and a taxi at the end of the day) and go nuts on craft beer from over 60 […]

Spier Secret Festival Market 2013

Spier Secret Festival market, Stellenbosch, South Africa

From Toffie Food Festival 2 years ago to the Spier Secret Festival last weekend, the Spier Secret team exceeds expectations and hosts the best market, in Cape Town, of the year.  I push cookies onto people some times. I have to. Otherwise people are too shy to come over and taste them, and they should […]

Impi Challenge | Milk and Cookies SA

The Impi Challenge – 12ks with 18 obstacles

My ass hurt for 3 straight days after.  The Impi Challenge scared me. I haven’t really had upper body strength since just about ever in my life.  At gymnastics I hopped around doing back flips and cartwheels but couldn’t do a pull up for absolute shit.  Even in my “basketball days” during push-ups I’d go […]

Nitida Wine and Sauvignon Festival | Milk and Cookies SA

Nitida and the Sauvignon Festival in Durbanville

The first Season of Sauvignon for Milk and Cookies.  My colleague, who is now an eating partner and am currently boldly committing her to a status of friendship (Girl with a Teacup I’m talking to you), once told me that wine isn’t just about the wine, it’s about what is happening when you are drinking […]

Caros Secret Dinner | Milk and Cookies SA

Caro de Waal’s Spier Secret dinner – The Magic Far Away Tree

Take a photo journey into the bewitching magical forest of culinary nostalgia created by Food24’s editor, Caro de Waal, for the annual Spier Secret Festival dinner. With every last beautiful detail, the dining room of Caro de Waal was transformed into a softly lit mystical forest with twinkly lights and woodlands creatures between the branches […]

Melto South Africa | Milk and Cookies SA

Melto S’mores

The perfect treat to bring to a braai, Melto makes you crave more s’mores.  So what do you do with a package of s’mores?  Light a fire and melt some marshmallows!  This package is the project of Three2One Designs, whose product is part of a year assignment of 4 industrial design students, who were assigned […]

Deluxe and The Yard in Fisheye | Milk and Cookies SA

Deluxe and The Yard in fisheye

The meanest cups of Deluxe coffee and views from The Yard from a fisheye lens. A Saturday morning rendezvous at The Yard: home to Deluxe Coffeeworks (top 6 coffee places in the CBD) The Bitches Tits for lunch,  Mucky Mary’s for an all day breakfast, and The Dogs Bollocks for some kick ass burgers. The […]

ShaShana Tova Rosh Hashanah explained | Milk and Cookies SA

A Rosh Hashanah feast explained

All you need to know about a Rosh Hashanah feast, and what you’ll be eating. Originally written for    Shalom chaverim (hello friends), So it’s clear to me that most people know, Jewish or not, that Rosh Hashanah is a big holiday for the Jewish culture and a kick-start to the High Holy Days. These […]

Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

A night well spent at Holden Manz wine estate and kitchen

Holden Manz in Franschhoek is where you’d rather be. As a normal person sitting in their small, cold apartment, you’re bound to drift away to a land of warm cozy cottages with fire places burning, a supple comforting bed, and rightfully deserved peace and quiet. Your meditative state induces illusions of feathery pillows, deep bathtubs, […]

Gourmet Boerie Rocking the Daisies | Milk and Cookies

Gourmet Boerie gives bands a chance to ‘Rock the Daisies’

Coffee Beans Milk and Cookies SA

6 coffee places not to miss in Cape Town

6 top coffee shops & brands in the Mother City. Deluxe Coffeeworks The guys from Deluxe set out to make bold beautiful roasted beans affordable and accessible.   For them, coffee is not an elite beverage but a caffeinated delight meant to be shared with anyone and everyone.  The two main shops are super neat […]

Green Chefs Knysna Milk and Cookies SA

Green Chefs, good food

The beginnings of great chefs in the local Knysna and South African community.   Pleasure in food is mostly derived from taste, but the sense of it, the reason behind the love of dish, adds a sensational value to the depth of otherwise simple food. At the Knysna Tourism office, the meal is simple.  Ras […]

Women's Walk Knysna Oyster Festival Milk and Cookies SA

Women’s Walk in Knysna

Pick n Pay hosts Pink Drive through Women’s Walk in Knysna. I’m pretty much certain that cancer will reach everyone, somehow, at some pinnacle sad moment of a person’s life.  It’s a horrible illness that takes your dignity away and I have great resentment towards it. Cancer has been present in my past and is still ever […]

Sticky chicken with sweet chilli-plum sauce header | Milk and Cookies SA

Sticky chicken with a sweet chilli-plum sauce and roasted peppers

Sweet sticky chicken recipe made simply with a pop of roasted peppers.  And, a lovely delivery arrived at the doorstep with 4 fantastic sauces in it from the Elgin Valley of South Africa delivered by Jen from @CowAfrica and a very well dressed young man named Fourie. Saturday evening was spent making delicious sticky and […]

Knsyna activities | Milk and Cookies

Music line up, BMX and skate boarding at the Knysna Oyster Festival

Check out what’s what at the Pick n Pay Oyster Festival June 28 – July 7. So much going down. And note, on the 5th of July there will be some BMX & half-pipe action at the festival pavilion and a night jam at The Yard, more information here. THE LINEUP   DATE DAY TIME […]