You Won’t Falta in Malta



Imagine being swept away to an ancient land full of colorful boats and structures legendarily made by giants thousands of years ago.   Somewhere so beautiful your breath is taken from you and then given back in a sigh of relief, as if you are breathing out all your cares in the world.  This is Malta, ancient, friendly, stunning, and oh so gorgeous.   Tourists have been coming here since before people wore togas.  The Phoenicians, the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, and British have all left a their marks on these three islands majestically set in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Malta is the biggest of the three islands, then Gozo, and finally Camino (mostly nature).  It’s easy to get around, their buses go everywhere, renting a car is cheap, and not only will people give you directions, they will stop you in the street and ask if you need them.   Everyone wants to chat with you, everyone wants to tell you their story, and everyone, yes it’s going to be hard to believe, seems pretty happy.  You can rock climb, swim, lazy around, adventure, see history, dine magnificently, watch fireworks, or just relax.

Being in Malta is being in paradise, it’s easy and calm, great for families, solo travelers, honeymooners, backpackers, and luxury seekers.   Although you should never be blind to crime, Malta is one of the safest countries in the world.    Its temperate weather makes it a great destination all year round, its beaches can be as remote or as hip as you want them to be, and its culture is so dynamic that if you can’t find something for you to fall in love with, then you may as well stop traveling.  If you could only go to 10 countries in your life time, Malta should be one of them.

For further information about Malta, please use the resources below.

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