Where to eat outdoors this summer in central Cape Town

Well, well, well, summer, you’ve arrived again and it’s just so lovely to see you.    Basking in your rays of sunshine, coming off the beach with sandy, salty hair; there’s nothing better than sitting outside with a cool beverage in your hand during summer.

Where to eat outdoors this summer in Cape Town | Milk and Cookies SA

The Mother City is something special during these many glorious months and I’ll take every opportunity to enjoy it.

If you are cruising around Cape Town this summer try these spots: 

The Bootlegger – After only being open for a few months, the whole of Sea Point has already been to Bootleggers.  Eager for a trendy but unpretentious cafe, locals have been-a-flocking.     Because it’s the old Caturra, they’ve got a courtyard in the back and cold, icy, freezochinos that can be made ‘skinny’ just by asking.

‘Bootleggers’ is ideal after a stroll on the Sea Point promenade for a light meal, breakfast or a beer.

Tamboers Winkel – With an ever-changing menu, Tamboers Winkel just never gets old hat.  The inside, with shared tables, is light and breezy.  Outside you can sit at their over-sized picnic bench with just enough shade to keep you cool.  Do some summer shopping on Kloof Street and finish up with trio of salads and a glass of cold water.

Deerpark Cafe – The big sell here is for parents or people who love to hear the giggles of kiddies running around the attached park.   The cafe opens up to an outside dining area that is set right above a pumping park.  They’ve got fabulous pizzas and a salmon trout platter that’s not only healthy but bright and colourful to match the weather’s mood.

For the kids they have a play area inside and ice cream but don’t go here just for ice cream, it’s not that great.

Sinnful in Camps Bay – Go here for ice cream! For the 2nd best ice cream in Cape Town (The Creamery being #1) and the best location for a stroll along the beach, Sinnful is superb, seriously superb.   Get a cup or a cone and walk down to the beach front.  Don’t you DARE go to Gelato Mania because you saw it first!!!  Addictions is a must.

Hemelhuijs – Prepare yourself to walk into a whimsically, well designed dream.  Order the bright and punchy calamari, the  popping pea salad with a lightly sauced salmon trout atop, the duck salad, or really anything else on the menu.    It’s heaven… literally.

Cafe Neo – On a slow day Cafe Neo is a home away from home.  They’ve got a large outside dining area that somehow plays host to has puppies and adorable children all the time.  You can grab WiFi here and spend the day sipping mango smoothies (their best option) and using Neo as your summer office.

Note: on a busy day, their service can be a miss and their food feels rushed.

The Dogfather – A new spot on Sea Point main road just a couple k’s out of the CBD.   Bring your friends after a good night out or a beach day and get a deliciously topped dog for around R30 bucks.  Vegetarian options and beer served.

Tribe  –  Serving coffee mainly, Tribe offers light meals provided by Browser and Grazer – purveyors of fine foods, in a young and vibrant climate.  With their coffee beans roasted on site, it can be like a little field trip adventure for the day.

Ocean Jewels at the Woodstock Exchange – The best fresh fish in Cape Town at the most affordable prices.  Julie Carter runs the joint and gets deliveries directly from the fish monger, her dad.  Walk to the back of the Woodstock exchange, get a picnic bench in the courtyard, and order just about anything you want R55 or less.

Wakame and Wafu – From the outside it gives the impression of one of those places that assumes you want bottled still water and gives you a look when you order tap.  It is one of those places.  However, their views are absolutely stunning, and while their sushi is a bit pricey, it’s fresh and decent.   Ideal for sundownders or a Sunday afternoon with your fancy friends.


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