Tribe Coffee has a new roommate – Browser and Grazer purveyors of fine catering

Tribe Coffee bunks up with Browser and Grazer at the Foundry in Woodstock.

Browser and Grazer Tribe Coffee | Milk and Cookies SAThe Foundry is trendy, there’s little doubt about that, but Tribe Coffee and its neighbours are subtly unpretentious and their vibe is mature enough that they get who they are.   Graffiti on the walls and awesome open brick face, they pull it off.  It’s sunny and bright and looks pretty damn cool. 

It’s a wide open space that builds a community office atmosphere where like-minded youthful entrepreneurs can share an identity.  And not too many of them, just a few for the small space.

Browser and Grazer just moved in as purveyors of good eating.   Their offerings include a daily lunch menu at Tribe and made to order catering of fine and well made foods.  Rewald Drinkwater, oh yes that’s a real and most fabulous name, runs the show there and is a man who has experience in combining simplistic flavours with a well plated stylish look.

Walk into the magical museum of hanging plants that Opus Studio has to offer.  Fung shui vibes that will put you at ease. And ogle the award-winning Marissa Pretorious, who crafts beautiful gardens in a studio across the way.

Tribes beans are robust and finish like Deluxe Roastery, smooth and almost creamy at the end.  Deluxe is a god around the Food24 office and Ed Caro said Tribe was up there with the decidedly top choices of everyday champion coffee drinkers.  It’s good, reliable, affordable, and cared after.   And now you can have lunch there any day of the week for something new.

No doubt that I love hot hipster coffee places, there’s just something about the well dressed men who frequent them and their intellectual bind with coffee, but the real reason I like The Foundry and Tribe is because they convey the good coffee truth.

And, meet birtha – decades old, but lady can roast.

Browser and Grazer Tribe Coffee | Milk and Cookies SA


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  1. […] –  Serving coffee mainly, Tribe offers light meals provided by Browser and Grazer – purveyors of fine foods, in a young and vibrant climate.  With their coffee beans roasted […]

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