Spier Secret Festival market, Stellenbosch, South Africa

From Toffie Food Festival 2 years ago to the Spier Secret Festival last weekend, the Spier Secret team exceeds expectations and hosts the best market, in Cape Town, of the year. 

Spier Secret Festival Market 2013

I push cookies onto people some times. I have to. Otherwise people are too shy to come over and taste them, and they should taste a cookie if they have the opportunity because cookies are delicious and make you happy.

I can’t do these markets on a weekly basis or for the income because if I did I’d have to quit everything else I do, including sleeping, so I choose just a few of the best ones throughout the year to make the goodies I say I can on the site.

Pushing cookies is hard and it’s certainly given me a lot of respect for people who make the food I eat every day.  It’s hard and physically demanding and gone in a flash.   But I’ll do a market if it is special, and the Spier Secret Festival is my favourite market all year-long.  It’s something else; a whimsical, surreal experience, that I would not miss out on.

Visitors from all around the food scene in Cape Town and international eaters, writers, designers, families, and your classic super hipsters made the rounds and passed by the best fare the region has to offer.  Wines, meats, cheeses, baked goods, burgers, breads, and farm fresh fruits and vegetables came to show off in the sparkling sun of the Spier Wine Estate.

I don’t just like pushing my cookies, it’s the chatting and finding out about what the cookies remind people of, or what they love about America or South Africa or somewhere else in the world.  People remember things related to sweetness and celebrations or trips with stops at bakeries or houses with cookies in them.  I love making people eat with their eyes and taste uncommon combinations that lead to the eating of very indulgent treats.

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA

Neil Jewell, of Moreson in Franschhoek, charcuterie.  He is a meat celebrity in Cape Town and his charcuterie is hand cured by a man who wears a bandana, jeans and pours his bubbly into a plastic cup.  Hand’s down, best, juicy, robust, savoury flavours every time. He was serving bacon sandwiches on soft artisan bread with rosemary.    The best part of the day is always his gift of meat paradise to my salivating taste buds.

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA

Granola muesli healthy balls for those who want sweet but need something crunchy and light before they move on to a more decadent second dessert.  You can get the recipe to make them and have them daily with your coffee.  They last forever too, so you can make quite a few at once.

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA

Rocky road rice crispy treats full of all the goodness that remind you of growing up, pretzels, chocolate cereal, rice cereal, caramel coated popcorn, and Oreos, obviously.  Nuts optional.

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA

Secret Market 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA



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