10 Halloween GIFs to hold you over until next year

Having Halloween withdrawal?  Here’s a few GIF’s to keep you covered until 2014. 

1.  The Pumpkin King says great work everyone, so pat yourself on the back.

[Image: tumblr_mb8dm9ONln1rpsfhko1_250.gif]

2.  But let’s remember all the awesome – like the dad who dressed his 2 year old up for a rave.

2 Year Old Dressed Up as a Stick Person

3.  And, looking forward to next year’s Treehouse of Horror marathon.

gif Halloween the simpsons scary gif halloween gif happy halloween

4.  Sorry FEZ it’s all been eaten.

[Image: tumblr_m9weskZkG61qevnrho4_250_zpsc5975c1b.gif]

5.  Only a few more months till kids are knocking at your door again in ridiculously cute costumes.

6.  And now there is time to be as cool as this Transformer in real life.

Its Difficult to Tell Which Truck is Fake

7.  And all the left over candy!

The Simpsons demonstrate how to do Halloween properly

8.  No more tip toeing around with fear of your horrible friends

Spooked Ya

9.  So now you can take it easy …

Turtle Angel Halloween Costume

10.  And remember:

[Image: tumblr_mcrqmjTYL31r0dotwo1_500.gif]

via Rebloggy.com, https://kmpunksays.wordpress.com, http://www.theheartofcamelot.com, http://www.cheezburger.com, http://www.pleatedjeans.com


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