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Pumpkin Cookies Recipe | Milk and Cookies SA

Pumpkin pecan pie cinnamon spiced cookies with chocolate chips

A little bit of Thanksgiving love with toasted pecans and pumpkin pie deliciousness packaged in a cookie recipe. Oddly enough I never really grew up eating too many pumpkin spiced things and when I made these cookies my mom sort of looked at them and tasted them and said “spicy.” When I like something I […]

Win tickets to the festival of beer Milk and Cookies

Beer here! Win 2 tickets to the Cape Town Festival of Beer

It’s the time of year when the Cape Town Festival of Beer brings a silly amount of beer to Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Green Point.  And this year you can go for free, get a tasting glass (and a taxi at the end of the day) and go nuts on craft beer from over 60 […]

Peanut Butter chocolate recipe | Milk and Cookies SA

Peanut butter and dark chocolate bars, bites of nostalgia

Nigella’s recipe for peanut butter chocolate bars is nothing short of absolute romantic decadence.   It’s smooth and silky, chocolatey and buttery, it’s oh so very good and easier than it should actually be allowed, for health reasons. After making Nigella’s recipe a few times, and double batches every time because there was never enough, a […]

Spier Secret Festival Market 2013

Spier Secret Festival market, Stellenbosch, South Africa

From Toffie Food Festival 2 years ago to the Spier Secret Festival last weekend, the Spier Secret team exceeds expectations and hosts the best market, in Cape Town, of the year.  I push cookies onto people some times. I have to. Otherwise people are too shy to come over and taste them, and they should […]

Granola muesli healthy balls recipe | Milk and Cookies SA

Granola muesli healthy balls – no bake recipe

These are hearty, crunchy and nutty.  There’s no messing around.  You just grind nuts, toast oats, and add in some other sweetness.  You can pretty much use any type of nut if you crush it up and don’t make it too buttery, but even then, too buttery is usually not too terrible. It’s like 2, […]

Pumpkin king

10 Halloween GIFs to hold you over until next year

Having Halloween withdrawal?  Here’s a few GIF’s to keep you covered until 2014.  1.  The Pumpkin King says great work everyone, so pat yourself on the back. 2.  But let’s remember all the awesome – like the dad who dressed his 2 year old up for a rave. 3.  And, looking forward to next year’s Treehouse of […]