NYC: a handy top to do list for Tammi’s travels

Tammi has been to New York City before, but not as an adult.  Tammi is a feminist, design admirer, art curator, food lover, and fashion guru and soon to fall in sweet sweet love with New York City.

NYC | Milk and Cookies
Because I love Tammi and am head over heels for the delicious big apple, I made a list to share of some of my favourite things specifically for someone like her (which means inspiringly kick ass).

What to do:

The Upper East and West Sides:

  • Are as residential as Manhattan gets.  It’s pleasant and calmer than most of the rest of the city and there are a silly amount of places.
  • To get the feel, walk along Amsterdam or Broadway and cruise through kid shops, sidewalk vendors, and bustling grocery stores that double as delis.


  • NYC | Milk and CookiesThe Plaza Food Hall – everything ever, like Harrods Food Hall, but there aren’t too many of these in NYC and it’s downstairs so, even though a lot of people know about it, people don’t generally walk in off the street without already knowing it’s there
  • Inside the New York Public Library isn’t a place I think your average tourist would go, but it’s something special and near Times Square and Bryant Park if you have a chance.  This is a good stop along the way to 5th Ave, which is mega touristy and not necessarily necessary for someone who isn’t looking to be a typical visitor.
  • Grand Central is one of the more touristy attractions I’d say is worth it because the architecture is something special and something you’d appreciate.   It’s sort of near 42nd Street but quite a few avenues over.
  • Really good shopping on Madison Ave better than 5th ave for you.
  • Columbus Circle, 59th near Central Park South and near Midtown and 42nd Street and all the lights flashing, but it’s worth walking past on your way to or around Central Park.  It’s a glorified mall but more savvy.
  • If you want to have a completely outrageously unnecessary high tea, The Mandarin Oriental has a restaurant with one of the best views of Central Park I’ve seen, pictured above.  Scones are yum. In Columbus Circle.


  • Meat Packing District (which is right near Chelsea)-  so Samantha from Sex and the City, but super trendy and I think you will end up here even without me telling you to go there.  But if you don’t have plans to go out here at night you should.  At least get some dinner and wear some hot stilettos.
  • There’s a place called Fig and Olive that I’ve been to.  It’s pricey, but the food was delish and tapas style and the atmosphere very vibey.
  • Walk the Highline after going to Chelsea Market  – this is one of my #1 recommendations.   It’s a dream for someone who is into design, art, alternative use of spaces, it’s incredible what’s been created.
  • Chelsea Market –  get a People’s Pop in the back – Food Network offices are upstairs.  The whole Chelsea Market space is full of free smells, cupcakes, and freshly made bread.
    Morimoto – I went to Morimoto’s Japanese restaurant in Hawaii and it was seriously some of the best food I’ve ever had.  It’s light and Asian and fresh.
  • NYC | Milk and CookiesEataly is near Union Square, near NYU area and full of fabulous Italian this and that.  Mario Batalli’s place; he’s rich, cheesy, meaty, decadence.  Nice for a snack.   Not enough for a nice night out, but appeasing to the food senses.
  • Doughnut Plant – i’m American, so trust me when I say these are the best donuts I’ve ever had.
  • Katz Deli‘s famous but for a reason.  It’s like a tribute to Jewish Deli Food and it’s good, really really good.  It can be a quick lunch.  It’s not fancy , but I really think it’s worthwhile if you are near 2nd ave and Houston Street. It’s like a tribute to NYC Jews and to go there is to understand all of life’s forthcoming Seinfeld references.
  • Near Houston Street which is downtown, is Hampton Chutney Co – it’s small and has incredible Indian Dosas bursting with flavour.
  • Murrays Bagels  – these are my favourite bagels so far.  The bagels are so fresh that they don’t let you toast them and you have to hustle and know what you want, it’s super NYC and local.  They have a few locations.

Near Union Square:

  • Fishs Eddy – is such a cool store full of home goods and great little alternative things from New York.  It’s not a store for tourists, but it’s in an easy spot to get to.
  • The Grey Dog  – there’s one right near Union Square, it’s a good place to just relax and have a nice cup of coffee. Way way way better than Starbucks.
  • Funky spunky shops mixed with giant Best Buy’s and big chain stores.

Go to Brooklyn for some culture:

NYC | Milk and Cookies

Museums you might like:

Bonus tips:

  • My best suggestions for the best city is to walk a lot if you have the option to.
  • There’s a lot of free wi-fi in NYC – it’s very hard to get a pay as you go sim card with your own iPhone in the US.  Starbucks always has free wi-fi and there’s one pretty much everywhere. Check OpenWiFINYC.
  • NYC Food Trucks – the website will tell you where they are around the city, but I like to find the ones I want to visit and tweet at them to see where they are.   There’s a Lobster Truck floating around, which I would do.
  • 101 Things to do in fall in NYC by Time Out NYC
  • New York Mag’s best of NYC – more arb stuff, but more local too.

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  1. BEST place in the world! I miss it so

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