Melto S’mores

The perfect treat to bring to a braai, Melto makes you crave more s’mores. 

Melto South Africa | Milk and Cookies SA-18

So what do you do with a package of s’mores?  Light a fire and melt some marshmallows!  This package is the project of Three2One Designs, whose product is part of a year assignment of 4 industrial design students, who were assigned to come up with pretty much anything they could sell to earn a set goal.

These guys came up with a practical, tasty, pre-packaged dessert that’s an American treat for a South African braai.  The traditional s’more is usually at a camp fire in the woods, where American kids sing songs, or something equally as cheesy, while melting marshmallows over the fire.  Once they are gooey enough, the hot marshmallow is set atop a slab of, usually, Hershey’s, and then placed in-between two graham crackers (which are sort of like a tennis biscuit and marie biscuit).

All ingredients melt together for a nostalgia that is uber decadent and rich.

Melto South Africa | Milk and Cookies SA-12The instructions come with, but it’s pretty instinctual, chocolate, biscuit, marshmallow, smushed together = success.   But the crafty engineers took s’more making to another level of professionalism.   The skewers poke right through the biscuit as a shield from the fire for the melting mellow, the chocolate disc too has this perforated potential hole for circular success.

Melto South Africa | Milk and Cookies SA-14Rubber bands as if this wasn’t going to be finished upon opening.  Adorable.

Melto South Africa | Milk and Cookies SA-13

Melto South Africa | Milk and Cookies SA-15S’mush that motha together.

Melto South Africa | Milk and Cookies SA-16And, instant s’more.

The badassery of cleverly packaged treats, or culinary nerdiness some might call it, can be found for only 11 more days.  They aren’t too expensive for something a bit different to bring instead of a bottle of average wine or a guacamole dip and chips from Woolies.

You can buy one by heading over to their website.




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  1. Loved reading this. You write beautifully

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