A night well spent at Holden Manz wine estate and kitchen

Holden Manz in Franschhoek is where you’d rather be.

Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

As a normal person sitting in their small, cold apartment, you’re bound to drift away to a land of warm cozy cottages with fire places burning, a supple comforting bed, and rightfully deserved peace and quiet.

Your meditative state induces illusions of feathery pillows, deep bathtubs, and warm toasty floors all because your subconscious has brought you to Holden Manz.

Luxuriously warming and relaxing, Holden Manz is the epitome of spoiling yourself with personalised service and privacy.

Gerard Holden and Migo Manz, British and German, respectively, are partners who have turned this Franschhoek winery into a modern splash of the two combined personalities.  Sculptures and paintings dominate the interior aesthetic and where most places can lose their personal touch among expensive art and pretentious pieces, Holden Manz still feels like home (a really expensive home).

Cozy couches with hardcover anthologies filled with travel, art, and mostly pictures (no reading required!), line long wooden tables for guests to do nothing else but pick up a book, sit outside in the sunshine, or near a crackling fire and unwind.

Gerard and Migo are recent parents to a 2 year old boy who they share with guests through family photos and personal favourite, photos of their son’s sonogram.  Subtly they are inviting you to join the Holden Manz kindred for the rest of your stay.

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SAYou wish life could be so decadent.

Unlike tacky resorts and generic luxury accommodation, Holden Manz humanises every feature of the estate.   It’s like your really rich friends invited you to come spend the night at their second home, except their second home comes with individualised catering, fine dining, a bottle of wine in your room, and well-trained staff to follow you around.

Soft linens and a plethora of pillows with black out curtains after that bottle of wine on the dresser is a formula for a knock out slumber.

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Add a hot, deep, bath with organic aromas to make you ready for complete coma action.

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Like Narnia, wooden doors open to adventure inviting mountains and vineyards with trails that lead to babbling brooks and bright yellow lemon trees.

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Maryna Fredericksen, executive chef at Franschhoek Kitchen, uses fresh local produce from the Holden Manz gardens to cater to teeming tables of South Africans and foreigners looking for refined, seasonal cuisine.   During winter, 6 course meals, paired with juicy reds are under 400 rand, keeping you classy and culinary, while getting some solid full bellied fills for a decent price.   Try getting that in London for 35 pounds.

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

Finally, early morning hours sew themselves into brunch time and you wonder, “how did I get to be so damn lucky”?

And then, your choice of softly poached eggs with a creamy hollandaise sauce appear before you with freshly squeezed orange juice and some well-earned coffee.  Your luck turns into a great satisfaction of having chosen the perfect precious gem of Franschhoek, in the heart of the wine lands, in South Africa, one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the world.

You give yourself a pat on the back, Holden Manz was an excellent choice.

Evening at Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

If you are keen for more modern selections by Holden Manz they have an additional gallery in town that you can find here.

For more information about Holden Manz contact Collette@holdenmanz.com and visit their website www.holdenmanz.com


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