The ‘townie’ – hello tart with a brownie inside

I didn’t make this up but I wish I did, the new hybrid treat – the ‘townie’.

Townie by Bea Vo of Bloomsburg

Townie by Bea Vo of Bloomsburg

Cross-bread pleasures are trending hard and honestly, why shouldn’t they be?  Beautifully baked goods smushed together with two self-indulgent items that when on their own are decadently more-ish, but together, a union of two perfect sugary souls for the ultimate in gluttony.   Maybe an Oreo in between a wet moist brownie and a chewy soft cookie, or the croissant donut; a  match made in buttery glazed paradise.

It doesn’t really matter does it?  It’s like chips in your turkey sandwich, it just makes sense.

NPR’s Salt gets real with London’s Bea Vo of Bloomsburg, (original article found here) who takes the dessert matchmaking fad to another level.

The townie serves up a combo of that British tart pastry, crunchy and buttery with the classic American chocolatey ooey gooey brownie resting inside its edible container.

Now there’s no need to choose between two desserts in one sitting, like I ever did.


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  1. […] baking, I want to bake EVERYTHING. Consequently, it is probably a bad thing that I stumbled across this article about the ‘townie’ this morning. A brownie in a pastry case. What a beautiful, […]

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