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Holden Manz | Milk and Cookies SA

A night well spent at Holden Manz wine estate and kitchen

Holden Manz in Franschhoek is where you’d rather be. As a normal person sitting in their small, cold apartment, you’re bound to drift away to a land of warm cozy cottages with fire places burning, a supple comforting bed, and rightfully deserved peace and quiet. Your meditative state induces illusions of feathery pillows, deep bathtubs, […]

Gourmet Boerie Rocking the Daisies | Milk and Cookies

Gourmet Boerie gives bands a chance to ‘Rock the Daisies’

Townie by Bea Vo of Bloomsburg

The ‘townie’ – hello tart with a brownie inside

I didn’t make this up but I wish I did, the new hybrid treat – the ‘townie’. Cross-bread pleasures are trending hard and honestly, why shouldn’t they be?  Beautifully baked goods smushed together with two self-indulgent items that when on their own are decadently more-ish, but together, a union of two perfect sugary souls for […]

Coffee Beans Milk and Cookies SA

6 coffee places not to miss in Cape Town

6 top coffee shops & brands in the Mother City. Deluxe Coffeeworks The guys from Deluxe set out to make bold beautiful roasted beans affordable and accessible.   For them, coffee is not an elite beverage but a caffeinated delight meant to be shared with anyone and everyone.  The two main shops are super neat […]

Cookies n Milk by Faroz Quazi Milk and Cookies

Cookies n Milk – cuteness in a video

Charming cookie dipping video. Inspired by childhood memories, Feroz Quazi once dipped his cookies into whatever cup of hot tea he could find on the table.  Only after his parents caught him, did he realise that it’s only your tea you should dip into.