Oysters, Knsyna, and the festival

A super celebration of oysters in the oyster capital of South Africa, Knysna. 

Knysna Oyster Festival Milk and Cookies SA

In just about 2 weeks time starts the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival.   30 years since the festival began and the hopes of tasting oysters in and around an oyster driven city is luring me.  Parties, tastings and jols around the small South African town for 4 days of sea food induced fun.

I remember Knysna from the first times I came to South Africa, with quaint streets and a sea side feel.   The Garden Route has never led me wrong with its lush highway journeys that turn off into magical green towns set near lagoons.  And, although Knysna is touristy it overcomes that sense of frivolity by being a paragon of how to be a genuine picturesque village. 

Looking forward to a few good events & some delicious restaurants and some really really deliciously plump succulent oysters.

Green Chef’s community cooking event: local chefs using local ingredients cooking for oyster fest people.  The chefs are all young in their careers have the opportunity to earn opportunities for furthering their careers.

Tabasco Shuckle: Nik Rabinovitz where people down as many oysters as they can… hmm lets see.

Knysna Half Marathon: Signed up for it, now lets see if I can run the whole thing.

Craft Beer Festival: usually like these the most and curious to see how these beers will pair with oysters a great combo with a bubbly drink?

To find out more information don’t hesitate to contact Milk and Cookies or go to the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival website


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