Pickled Peppadew hamper giveaway

PIckled Peppadew Hamper | Milk and Cookies

What’s awesome about Peppadew’s pickled onions are their dynamic flavour when cooked, it’s like they double juice.  Chop them up, add them to a pot before cooking grains, soups, or sauces and their pickledness adds a tangy bonus.  And, those jalapeños are dynamic with on rustic nachos or a sandwich with some sliced chicken.   Oh the options, the glorious options.

After a month of using Peppadew pickled products it’s time to share the dew.

So, here’s the chance to score yourself some pickled Peppadew products.

How to enter: 

1. Comment below

2. Tell Milk and Cookies how you do the dew and what you’d do with the goodies above.

3.  If you have twitter, follow & tweet @MilkandCookieSA for bonus points.
PS… It’s not required, but there’s always foodventures & travel fun happening in the @MilkandCookieSA twittersphere that you wont want to miss out on.


The competition ends Friday June 21st.  Winners will be chosen by Milk and Cookies, based on the comments below, on June 21, 2013 and announced by June 24, 2013 and the hamper sent shortly after.



  1. I would layer the Pepperdew jalapeno slices on a big, fat cheesy pizza!

  2. Jeff van Rensburg · · Reply

    Well my wife actually bought some of these products and was raving about them, particularly the Hot Pickled Onions. I would love to surprise her with this hamper…she always complains I don’t get her anything nice so I think this would count wouldn’t it?

  3. Glad to see more about MilkandCookiessa. The onion ones are my favorite!! I can eat them straight from the jar!!

  4. Kristen · · Reply

    I’d give these to a good friend of mine who loves to experiment with goodies like these.

    1. And then taste the results.

  5. I’d love to win a jar of the ‘dew and some jalapeno peppers, because I tried to make homemade chilli poppers with homegrown jalapeno’s and little did I realize that pickled jalapenos are needed to make them! Epic fail on my side, please help out M&C? 🙂

  6. Yum. I’d use the hot pickled onions and the sliced jalapenos alternated with thick slices of mature cheddar and mexican chilli chips on a crusty roll with a soft centre (maybe a coney roll..). The mild pickled onions as a base in a french onion soup served with cheesy toasties. Mild Jalapenos – mmmmm; meaty morsels: stuff them with a spicy beef n bean chilli con carne, dash of natural yoghurt and a dollop of lime juice, tomatoe and onion salsa.

  7. I would have a Mexican cook up!! Love Mexican food…or mix it up with Italian…Jalapeno pizza..YUM!

  8. Ooooh all the above goodies would be awesome sliced along a lekker braai of boerwors rolls!

  9. Yummmeee! I love adding jalapenos to a toasted cheese and onion sammich for nice little zing – that is, if there are any left once my teenage daughter has got hold of them for her own school sammiches! I’ve cooked with pickling onions, but never pickled onions, and I’d love to try a thing or two with them to zhoosh up a couple of my existing recipes. The love for pickles and tangy stuff runs strong in our home! (tweeted from @foodevotion for extra entry)

    1. Liz, Thanks for answering, loved your answer about adding them to recipes because they are actually so delicious in so many dishes. Will love to see what you do with them. Will be in contact soon.

  10. delene · · Reply

    Cheese and pickles on toast, the breakfast of champions…

  11. I would eat them just as they are !!

  12. WOW, would I love that bunch visiting in my Kitchen.
    I lurve Peppadews… My fave is chopping some up with the syrup they come in… Slice up some chicken, and fry off with Peppadews and cream, Put this on pasta, with mash or even on toast its sooo good, anything you like. Or on a Pizza, with a few slithers of Jalapeno for that extra kick… MMM mm. The pickled onions.. Chomp as is watching the rugga…

  13. Letitia Windvogel · · Reply

    i dont think those little onions will make it to any dish,they will go straight into my mouth,jalapenos def pizza or pasta dish.

  14. chantal aka @mrstibbs11 · · Reply

    Like the perfect morning ” dew” these r just perfect on their own…. #Nothingadded

  15. I would jazz up the sandwiches I pack for my lunch..chicken and mayo with some zingy jalapeno sounds good..

  16. Oh and for the pure dew: stuffed with labneh topped with thai sweet chilli sauce

  17. Nicola Meyer · · Reply

    Would make a fantastic pizza with the jalapenos or add them to my spaghetti bolognaise

  18. When is winner going to be announced?

    1. Hi Candice,

      The announcement was made yesterday but I’ve posted another comment to be sure everyone can see who won, great suggestion.

  19. Thanks for sharing everyone. The winner was chosen, Liz Laughalot, excited to see what you’ll be doing with the pickled Peppadew products.

    Please stay tuned to Milk and Cookies for more foodventures.

    “Liz, Thanks for answering, loved your answer about adding them to recipes because they are actually so delicious in so many dishes. Will love to see what you do with them. Will be in contact soon.”

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