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Sticky chicken with sweet chilli-plum sauce header | Milk and Cookies SA

Sticky chicken with a sweet chilli-plum sauce and roasted peppers

Sweet sticky chicken recipe made simply with a pop of roasted peppers.  And, a lovely delivery arrived at the doorstep with 4 fantastic sauces in it from the Elgin Valley of South Africa delivered by Jen from @CowAfrica and a very well dressed young man named Fourie. Saturday evening was spent making delicious sticky and […]

Knsyna activities | Milk and Cookies

Music line up, BMX and skate boarding at the Knysna Oyster Festival

Check out what’s what at the Pick n Pay Oyster Festival June 28 – July 7. So much going down. And note, on the 5th of July there will be some BMX & half-pipe action at the festival pavilion and a night jam at The Yard, more information here. THE LINEUP   DATE DAY TIME […]

Mewwel Masala | Milk and Cookies SA

Chole masala recipe

Quid Pro Quo, by Meryl A. White, resident attorney and superior flavour developer. In common usage, quid pro quo refers to the giving of one valuable thing for another. It’s a Latin word, literally meaning “this for that,” an exchange of desired goods. We lawyers like to call these old timey Latin phrases a “legal […]

Knysna Oyster Festival Milk and Cookies SA

Oysters, Knsyna, and the festival

A super celebration of oysters in the oyster capital of South Africa, Knysna.  In just about 2 weeks time starts the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival.   30 years since the festival began and the hopes of tasting oysters in and around an oyster driven city is luring me.  Parties, tastings and jols around the […]

PIckled Peppadew Hamper | Milk and Cookies

Pickled Peppadew hamper giveaway

What’s awesome about Peppadew’s pickled onions are their dynamic flavour when cooked, it’s like they double juice.  Chop them up, add them to a pot before cooking grains, soups, or sauces and their pickledness adds a tangy bonus.  And, those jalapeños are dynamic with on rustic nachos or a sandwich with some sliced chicken.   […]

Hail in Cape Town | Milk and Cookies SA

The hail down in Africa and the sort of snow in Cape Town

Who would have thought that the rains would come pouring down in buckets of white in Cape Town?  Cape Town, for just a moment, turned into a winter wonderland. And, for those of you thinking that this happens every so often, it doesn’t.  People’s jaws had to be lifted off of the pavement as the […]