10 reasons to eat mushrooms daily… they’re even cooler than in Mario Bros.

Mushrooms are a super dooper food that will help you live longer. 

South African Farmers Mushroom Association |  www.milkandcookiessa.wordpress.com

Hey, remember when your thumbs used to bleed and blister until you got enough 1-ups to last you an entire decade of Mario Brother’s 1, 2, and 3?  No, mushrooms aren’t going to help you spit fireballs, but they will help you prevent cancer, among other illnesses, and live a longer healthier life. That’s the ultimate 1-up extra life…. the actual ability to live longer… in reality and not just in a video game.

Friday brought a bag of mushrooms preverbally to the table (and to the table to eat) with a discussion run by the South African Mushroom Farmers Association on the health benefits of mushrooms.  There are a silly amount of mushrooms to the point where everyone in the world should probably just be eating mushrooms all day long everyday.

But, we know that won’t happen, so instead here are 10 reasons why you should actively add mushrooms to your weekly diet.

10 reasons to eat mushrooms daily: 

  1. Vitamins  – vitamin D, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, Vitamin H
    we know we all need these yet are never sure what they do, but vitamin D is a really good one, and the rest give you daily energy.
  2. Healthy diet – replace mushrooms for meat a couple times a week and you’ll lose a couple of kilos.
  3. 10g’s of mushrooms a day can reduce breast cancer by 64% – what what?  How easy is that?
    Mushrooms help maintain even estrogen levels preventing breast cancer.  So breast cancer is actually 5x lower in China, where they pretty much eat mushrooms by the truck load.

  4. 2 kilos of mushrooms = 100g’s of potato chips
    no they aren’t the same thing, but you could use mushrooms for dip too sometimes.
  5. They are rich in iron and copper helping your blood cells move and groove around.
  6. Certain mushrooms can reduce cholesterol.
  7. They are alive in your fridge so their stems keep growing, kind of like what root vegetables do, awesome, bonus cool science points.
  8. Mushrooms are said to have umami, which is sort of like the 5th dimension of tastes that gives food an extra punch.  They are a nice substitute for the texture you look for when eating meat.
  9. More antioxidants than most other fruit and vegetables
    Antioxidant prevent free radicals in your oxygen from causing cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimers, and keep you looking and feeling young.
  10. They go with everything, curry – yes, Italian – yes, basic home cooking – yes, alone – yes, on a bun – yes, in a soup – yes,  as a spread- yes, in a salad- you know it.

South African Farmers Mushroom Association |  www.milkandcookiessa.wordpress.comFor more information about the South African Mushroom Farmers Association click here.   Other awesome mushroom information.


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