New menu at Bistro 1800, Cape Town

Bistro 1800˚ uses fresh seasonal ingredients for their new autumn menu. 

Cape Royal |

Courtesy of the Cape Royal

The view from the top of Bistro 1800˚ on the top floor of the Cape Royal at the Sky Bar is panoramic; looking out towards Green Point and then the sea near by, but back towards Signal Hill and up towards the mountain.

By the early evening the houses twinkle and from the other side the sounds of the waves crashing in underneath a moonlight evening sets an easy going mood.  In the afternoon, the sun hits the deck softly from the African sun.

sky bar view | Milk and Cookies SA

Courtesy of the Cape Royal

Even though the view is ornate, The Cape Royal itself tries its best to be unpretentious and staff go out of their way to be friendly.    You can see from their picture that they enjoy the atmosphere which seems to put me at ease.

They’ve got some very cute touches, and the person who guided us through the rooms said that the man who does the towl-gami (origami of sorts) has taught himself and  adds new swans and elephants in his repertoire; he’s got a zoo of a range.

Bistro 1800˚ |  Milk and Cookies SA

After some time upstairs at the Sky Bar, with the dope views of the city, we strolled back down to Bistro 1800˚ to sit down at a table of awesome fun.  On one side newly made friend from House and Leisure (which I say the wrong way down here) and on the other, the restaurant editor of Food24 with a friend with the same sense of humour.   The night was mapped out for laughs.

We started with a succulent appetizer of mushrooms, then fish, lamb, and beef, each nice and tender and hearty, then the dessert that everyone struggled to eat after the previous feast.  There’s no doubt I pushed forth and ate the rich chocolate mousse and pavlova.

Bistro 1800˚ |  Milk and Cookies SA-4

Bistro 1800˚ |  Milk and Cookies SA-6

A train of the left over people sitting drinking wine got up and danced one last song of the night oddly reminiscent of a bar-mitzvah in that “everyone’s a little tipsy” kind of way, but full  bellied and happy.

While Cath made a Vine, Lisa took pictures with her iPad, and I embarrassed myself by making a very particular ass face I often make when dancing, the night came to a close with happy good byes from these smiling faces.

A satisfying evening achieved.

staff at bistro 1800 | Milk and Cookies SA

If you’d like to find out more about the new seasonal menu at Bistro 1800˚ or the Cape Royal in Green Point Cape Town, click here

And, thanks for the coffee wakeup the next morning.

Bistro 1800˚ |  Milk and Cookies SA-7


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