Tamboers Winkel | Cape Town

Tamboers Winkel might just be the coziest breakfast in Cape Town.

This warm and tender eatery is packed full of deliciousness.  The crew behind the counter waits patiently while people look at their chalkboard menu, that changes seasonally, and then again over to the selection of wines that runs up the wall.   Then happy eaters choose.

And, I’ve chosen quite a lot of different sandwiches and dishes at Tamboers Winkel, whatever the breakfast special of the day is and some french toast, with bacon, and other sweet and savoury delights, or a spicy chicken prego roll.    The chicken pie is presented like a package with a bow of balsamic drizzle.  And their croissants sell out by 12.

So yes, the food is always good and farm fresh.  It’s wholesome, with a dash of  salt and pepper and breads baked daily.  You pretty much cannot lose.  Their salads are a bit small, suppose nothing so delicious could last forever.

Tamboers Winkel is diggable – so easily likable whether stumbled upon or sought out, the wooden interior draws passerby in like a tractor beam.  Then, once you lay eyes upon a glass display of cupcakes and cheese you cannot leave.

Hang out outside for sunny days or grab the shared table inside, the idea is that you feel just like your in the better living room than the one that’s in your house down the road.

Tamboers Winkel Cape Town | Milk & Cookies

French toast with strawberries, bacon and greens  with a balsamic drizzle on a croissant stuffed with chocolate, chocolate being the best choice to stuff anything with.

Tamboers Winkel Cape Town | Milk & Cookies

The finishings of the weekend special.

Tamboers Winkel Cape Town | Milk & Cookies

Tamboers Winkel Cape Town | Milk & Cookies

I also love that they promised me a cupcake for my birthday their cupcake icing to cake ratio is 50/50, and that when I went  for  another person’s birthday, they overheard and brought over a cupcake with a candle.  And my heart swooned yet once again for Tamboers Winkel and the dream like state I’m in when I roll out of there belly full.

Tamboers Winkel Cape Town | Milk & Cookies

For more information on Tamboers Winkel click here and follow them on twitter @TamboersWinkel.

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 18:00
Saturday – Sunday 9:00 – 16:00

072 368 3991


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