Taste of Cape Town birthday hoo-ha!

Birthday funzies at Taste of Cape Town… that’s why they had it that weekend.

Taste of Cape Town 2013  |  Milk and Cookies SA-30

Last year, the canapé class was a blur.  It was the beginning of all the events that would be to come for the following year. Events that lead to working for Food24 and all the little embellishments that come with working hard in the food world.

To come back to the same event was sort of like a Milk and Cookies birthday party, but there was in fact, an actual birthday that we celebrated too.  And, while I steal their thunder for a moment about my own tales of life, this is dedicated to celebrating at the Taste of Cape Town.

To book the canapé course, you’ll have to get there early next year, or pull a tricky move like booking 10 spots and walking back later with a silly sized entourage….

Before the class, we had time to check out some of the offerings at the festival, and after the class, we checked the offerings again, and again, and again, turning a “taste” into an actual feast.

Straight to the Lindt tent for some pre-meal chocolates, then burgers, and take a look at the Oyster Lady’s ridiculously sized oysters.  Luckily she wasn’t serving clams, for the sake of that last sentence.

food stalls taste of ctFood and drink pairings, but for the Craft Beer Project, food and beer, and hipsters, lots of hipsters.

Taste of Cape Town 2013  |  Milk and Cookies SA-7The chocolatey porter for the lady who acts like a middle age Irishmen.

craftbeerprojectDig the love at Azure.   In fact, after speaking softly about the birthday boy, the smiley lady at Azure gave G a stunning rice pudding with a caramel sauce compliments of Azure.  Business birthday bonus points.

Taste of Cape Town 2013  |  Milk and Cookies SA-33Beefcakes makes a mean ostrich burger, nice and juicy, just like the boys like it.

Taste of Cape Town 2013  |  Milk and Cookies SA-10A bit of bubbly around every corner.

Taste of Cape Town 2013  |  Milk and Cookies SA-5

Taste of Cape Town 2013  |  Milk and Cookies SA-1

The Brasserie was so pumping that their scotch eggs ran out every day of the event.  And, double head chef, Stefan Marais ran back and forth to Societi Bistro serving up a killer mushroom risotto.

The Taste of Cape Town 2013 | Milk and Cookies SA And, the completed canapés, with tips in our pockets to take home.  But mostly, drinks in our bellies and food on our lips.

Taste of Cape Town 2013  |  Milk and Cookies SA-25

A bit of a team effort all around.


If there was enough time and space, there’d have been more tastes, sadly with a group of 10 people, there’s more time in the whisky tents.

The Taste of Cape Town is held yearly and offers top restaurant tastings along with local Capetonian food producers.

Follow @TasteofCT and @MilkandCookieSA for what’s happening. 



  1. Love all the pictures— makes me hungry

  2. Just learning — hope u get this

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