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The Taste of Cape Town 

Giving away 10 double tickets to the Taste of Cape Town to 10 of Milk and Cookies dedicated followers.

Taste of Cape Town | Milk and Cookies SA

Last year pretty much started off the Milk and Cookies journey with a first look into the Cape Town foodie world through the eyes of the Taste of Cape Town. It was awesome.   Taking a canapés course for free, was pretty much the highlight and a delicious bonus of eating the fruits of our labour wasn’t too terrible either.

This year is the second journey to the Taste festival and now certain chefs are like celebrities and to taste their cuisine in one feast of an evening is going to be a belly full of magic.

Tanja Kruger is definitely on the list at Makaron and The Brasserie with Stefan Marias will be hunted out for tastings specifically, the joy is upon us.

It’s a down to earth festival that’s definitely worth a check, especially if you can get yourself some free tickets, which you can do here….

What do you have to do?

Tweet, Facebook, or write a comment below @MilkandCookieSA answering:

Why is the food in Cape Town is just so good? 

Then sit back and enjoy the deliciousness that might be yours right around the corner.

And, indulge yourself in some treats…..

Info from the Taste of Cape Town Festival:

Festival details: 

Venue:  Green Point Cricket Club, Corner Vlei and Fritz Sonnenberg Roads

Dates and Time:

11-14 April 2013
Thursday 11th: 18:30-22:30
Friday 12th: 18:30-22:30
Saturday 13th: 1st session 13:00-1700 and the 2nd session 18:30- 22:30
Sunday 14th: 12:00-17:00

Twitter: @tasteofCT

Other culinary highlights include:

Food Market hand-picked artisan producers, premium drink brands and award-winning wineries in the laid back atmosphere of a boutique food market. Sip on Bain’s Mountain Whiskey or the Fairtrade wines on offer while dipping into pesto, munching on gourmet cheese and stocking up on pantry stuffers to get you ready for autumn entertaining.

For those looking for a 2013 dinner party wow-factor, the Pick n Pay Chef’s Theatre will feature live demos by top chefs. For the hands-on visitors, the Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience will reveal the secrets to creative pairings of canapés and wine in an interactive area.

Cape Town Angels Benefit Stage: An eclectic group of performers the likes of, Janie and  The Beard, Natasha Meister, Philip Malan, and Silent Side are brought to Taste of Cape Town by the Cape Town Angels.

LINDT Al Fresco. Luxurious, with a hint of the forbidden – nothing stirs the senses quite like Swiss chocolate. LINDT’s Master Chocolatiers from the Cape Town Chocolate Studio create fresh LINDOR truffles and pralines by hand to enjoy along with LINDT Hot Chocolate in the alfresco dining area. The LINDT shop will have decadent goodies from their EXCELLENCE and CREATION ranges on sale, to satisfy the craving on the go. At the Chefs Theatre the LINDT Chocolatiers will do more sweetening up, demonstrating their master craft with amazing chocolate sculptures.

Royal Thai Embassy puts Thai chefs on show preparing popular dishes in cooking demonstrations throughout the festival. Savour the culture, traditions and lifestyle through authentic dishes and flavours. To add to the experience visitors will also get a chance to enter the lucky draw and win a round trip for two to Thailand.

Taste Fest App: Apple, Android and Blackberry users can enjoy an interactive map to navigate the show and stay up to date with the Pick n Pay Chef’s Theatre timetables with a ‘My Diary’ feature to make the most of the visit.  The app puts all the interesting facts on chefs, restaurants and festival exhibitors in the palm of the hand. It is available to download from 30 March from your device’s app store.

Do Good/ Feel Good by supporting The Chipembere Rhino Foundation. They are committed to on the ground assistance in the protection and conservation of Africa’s rhino. Show your support by stocking up on branded caps and shirts at the festival.

Cape Town Angels. A non-profit company driven by a group of young professionals operating in and around Cape Town. Through commitment, partnership and collaboration they share “The Magic of Compassion” by boosting other social responsibility initiatives and developing community based projects.

Green as you go “Taking the environment into account and ensuring best practice in terms of sustainability can only add to the flavour experience that epitomises Taste,” says Drake.

The sponsors, Pick n Pay and Orbit Sugar Free Chewing Gum, place a high premium on  environmental issues and actively promote and operationalise sustainability in their core activities.  Pick n Pay is considered South Africa’s “greenest” retailer with multiple green awards, including the Retail Sector of the Climate Change Leadership Awards (CCLA) 2013.

The festival has partnered with green companies Interwaste which will be providing recycling facilities on site and Green Home Products, leaders in biodegradable food packaging, who will supply the eating utensils and bowls- all made from natural and renewable materials. Water suppliers San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna preserve their sources and look for solutions for controlling and reducing the environmental impact from conserving water.

Culinary currency: Restaurants and special feature areas operate on the Festival Crown, the event’s official currency. Festival visitors use these Crowns to purchase dishes and drinks from exhibitors and bars. Each Taste of Cape Town Crown is worth R5 and prices range from 4 to 8 Crowns per dish.



  1. The food in Cape Town is amazing because we’re such a melting pot! We’ve got the best from so many cultures available at our fingertips, and we’re an enthusiastic audience:-)

  2. Rench7 · · Reply

    Amazingly talented chefs with a real love for food, working in the most beautiful city = CT food is SO GOOD!

  3. All the boring money-chasers move to JHB, leaving the fun people in CT to create masterpieces undisturbed. Being close to the sea, the moist mountains and the dry north guarantees all the freshest ingredients. But if it doesn’t work out as planned, wash the food down with some Cap Classique and the guests won’t notice anything amiss.

  4. Busisiwe Mabeqa · · Reply

    The food in Cape Town tastes so good because they are made from passion! Cape Town has a diverse group of people and not only South Africans but from abroad too, bringing in food knowledge one may not know have the previlidge to gain because they have not had the opportunity to travel and u can experience different culinery in your own backyard! Cape Town has the best restaurants that have been voted the best because Cape Town knows good food!

  5. Leigh Carolus · · Reply

    The food in Cape Town is exquisite because it combines a lifestyle with flavour. We as Capetonians love our fresh goods markets, food shows and restaurants. This makes us a picky bunch that knows good food.

  6. Food in Cape Town isn’t good- it’s absolutely AMAZING! It is the place where love and inspiration meet. A collision of creativity between great culinary minds with the backdrop of one of the world’s greatest natural beauties leads to an explosion of delight, transforming any mundane day into an adventure… For us Capetownians food isn’t about only feeding our bodies, it’s about feeding our souls too. Our best moments are spent around a table, a fire, or in the middle of a market… 🙂

  7. Food in Cape Town isn’t good- it’s absolutely AMAZING! It is the place where love and inspiration meet. A collision of creativity between great culinary minds with the backdrop of one of the world’s greatest natural beauties leads to an explosion of delight, transforming any mundane day into an adventure… For us Capetownians food isn’t about only feeding our bodies, it’s about feeding our souls too. Our best moments are spent around a table, a fire, or in the middle of a market…

    1. you win 2 tickets to the Taste of Cape Town, have an awesome Wednesday and weekend (check post below for further details)

  8. Jade Matchett · · Reply

    The food in Cape Town is just so good because of the vast variety of cultures and traditions. From fine-dining at Azure Restaurant to a casual laid back hipster vibe at Woodlands Eatery, Cape Town has something to offer everyone

  9. The mountain. . . It has Magical Juju that brings out the quirkiness in people. This combined with plenty of talent results in the amazing culinary hot pot that is Cape Town.

  10. All of these answers are actually so fantastic, it’s the everything about Cape Town food that makes it so absolutely fresh and delicious.

    It was a tough choice but 2 tickets to go Taimeo, food is from the soul for sure.

    But don’t lose hope, there are 2 more tickets left and plenty more competitions down the road to get some cool goodies.

    Please, E-mail with your phone number and full name to receive your Saturday tickets.

  11. Catherine · · Reply

    Eating in Cape Town is like travelling the world; you can saunter down to camps bay restaurants for mediterranean seafood bites, enjoy fresh cheese and bread in the winelands, have the best cape-malay curry in SA right in the bo-kaap, go into town and find the Eastern Food Bazaar or, the best for me, have a classic home cooked meal right under the mountain. As someone who, like all other foodies, lives to eat, one can’t find a better place to live than our beautiful and tastebud-tantalizing city!

  12. Matt Sharples · · Reply

    I grew up in the UK and have travelled the world extensively and can say without a shadow of doubt that Cape Town has the best cafés and restaurants that I have ever been to. I think this is partly due to the fact that Cape Town was historically a stop off point for people travelling from Europe to Asia and so it’s culture and food became a melting pot of the many different people travelling through its ports.

    A mix of cultures isn’t enough on its own though. People from Cape Town are passionate about food and that shows in the effort that they go to in sourcing the finest ingredients and finding the best and most original flavour combinations.

    For many cultures food is simply a necessity, they eat to live. But in Cape Town food is so much more. It is an experience to be shared. It is something that brings us together and gives us so much joy.

    Another reason why food here is so good is the availability of fresh produce. In Europe a lot of the food they eat has to be shipped in from other countries, but in Cape Town we are wonderfully blessed to have access to high quality meat, vegetables, seafood, wines and dairy products from our local area. This means that our chefs are working with fresh tasty ingredients which then find their way onto our plates and into our glasses.

    Before I came to Cape Town I had never taken a photograph of my food. Here I find myself doing it all the time as my mind is blown by the latest feast that is brought before me.

    With the combination of Cape Town’s awesome food, its beautiful scenery and the wonderfully friendly people it’s no wonder that Cape Town has regularly been voted as the number one city in the world. It truly is and I’m delighted to call it my home.

  13. Lee-Anne · · Reply

    Why does Cape Town food taste so good you ask? The simple answer is because it is so good. Its a combination of love, passion, wholesome ingredients, not doing ordinary, competition, creativity, pure awesomeness and a very appreciative palate. What a privilege it is to call Cape Town home.

  14. Cape Town offers so much talent from arts to culture, fine wines and great food with chefs that offer world-class culinary skills. Why go anywhere else when you can get the best right here at home?!

  15. Cape town has got one foot in africa and one foot in the rest of the world (the leg being connected to every sensory nerve in our bodies). Actually, I think we might have 3 toes of the right foot in france 🙂 and one in italy maybe. Regardless, with worldly views, mad talent, locally, natrually grown/reared ingredients makes the perfect culinary love story!

  16. The food in Cape Town is soooo good because Cape Town has world renowend chefs, top restaurants and blend of diverse cultures and add fresh naturally home grown ingredients and you can create some magic/cook up a storm… to sum it up, the food is just awesomley amazing…to all the foodies out there, you have got to experience the taste of Cape Town

  17. Food in cape Town tastes so good because of the beautiful view of mountain and the sea

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