Stellenbosch Wine Festival

As part of the 1 year drinking challenge the Stellenbosch Wine Festival would be a must.

Stellenbosch Wine Festival

Photo courtesy of Stellenbosch Wine Festival

Starting on the 25th and running only for a bit more than a week, until the 3rd of Feb, it’s a celebration of summer.  After trying the winter out they have come to catch the sunshine rays of the winelands.

Over 150 wineries participate in the festivities and Pick n’ Pay will try its best to entertain the most knowledgeable of wine gurus to the complete novice.

Chow delicious meals in town when wine estates offer special menus with wine pairings of note.

Experience hardcore Afrikaans culture with Blessing of the Harvest and the Harvest Parade – January 26th

Check out the full program here.

Book tickets here.

twitter: @StellWineFest #StellWineFest
find out event info and win cool stuff

Wine Expo: Feb 1 -3 on Die Braak with live music.

Annareth Bolton, CEO of the Stells Wine Routes, says  “We realised that it makes sense to showcase our world-class wines during a period when everything that Stellenbosch offers – its natural beauty, unique cultural heritage, excellent academic institutions and vibrant agricultural industries – is at its best and brightest. Perfect summer weather, the buzz of a new University year and the bustling start of the harvest season will all add new dimensions to the Stellenbosch Wine Festival experience. Our member farms are excited, the whole town is mobilised and we are sure that wine lovers and lifestyle tourists from all over South Africa and the world are going to be thrilled with what Stellenbosch is bringing to the table this summer.”


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