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12 Christmas trees New York City to London

The 12 Days of City Christmas Trees: New York City to London

Oh happiness, Christmas trees and Christmas cheer.  Stereo typical happiness with the magic of awesomely decorated trees. 1: Covent Garden Christmas Tree Covent Garden, London This stunning tree is a landmark of sparkling beauty in London’s popular Covent Garden. 2: Jack Daniels Whisky Barrel Tree Covent Garden, London If you’d thought you could get drunk […]

Channukah latke potato pancake recipe| Milk and Cookies

Chanukkah latkes recipe (aka potato pancakes, aka awesome)

Potato latkes are the best and such a treat during Chanukkah, serve them with applesauce and some sour cream or cottage cheese.  Easy step-by-step photo recipe.  I only make these for about 8 days of the year.  When I used to work for an afterschool program I made them for the entire month of December; […]

Channukah latke potato pancake recipe| Milk and Cookies

Easy homemade applesauce recipe

Easy, easy homemade applesauce recipe. There’s never a reason to buy apple sauce, it’s so very very easy to make and delicious and fantastically yummy. Cooking time: prep: 10 minutes cooking: 30 minutes Servings: 2-4 Ingredients: 4 apples 1 tablespoon sugar 1/2 cup water Cooking: Peel apples and slice them. Add all ingredients together and bring […]

Mint and cinnamon rooibos iced tea recipe

I feel like iced tea is super American, like these old British colonials look at me bewildered when I offer them cold tea. It’s actually really awesome, delicious, and tea is fantastic for health, so why not drink it cold when it’s too fakin’ hot for a boiling tea. Also, it’s much better than  buying […]

Farmer Style (gangnam style)

Farmer Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

Hop on the viral train (no, not that hottie you met last night)  and watch “Farmer Style”, by 3 guys who obviously love the work they do. The video is a bit long,  but there’s some catchy bits and I appreciate the fact that everyone must know where our food comes from.  Gotta love the […]

Pick n Pay “Finest” challenge

The Pick n Pay Finest range blogger cooking event. Here’s the thing about food, it’s communal; people standing around a kitchen, drinking, snacking, chatting. When I arrived at the Pick N Pay workshop, I wondered two things.  One, why is Kenilworth so far from Sea Point, and two, how would the other bloggers treat me?  I rarely, […]