The 2012 Election polls, Trader Joe’s snacks, and my 94 year old grandpa

Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Covered Potato ChipsI’m all the way in Africa and an election, the federal one, some state stuff too, is going on.  I can barely keep my eyes open I’m so exhausted but I don’t want to miss out.  And, all I can think of is Trader Joe’s and how much I miss it.  I miss thick cut chocolate covered potato chips, fresh tasters in the corner, amazing nuts, and dips and snacks.

I’d be able to call my grandpa Rudy super easily and ask him who he voted for so I could cheat and just vote for who he suggested, he’s 94.  He knows a thing or two about being a hardcore democrat.  He’s totally proud of me for also loving politics.  He did run for councilman at large of North Bay village in Miami.  So, Rudy is so solid.


Rudy councilman at large | Milk and Cookies

I sent my ballot in by fax and for a while there I wasn’t sure if it would go through because the line was busy.  And, my heart sort of sank with guilt at the thought of missing an election, I mean how many do you get in your life…. 20?

Some South Africans have been asking me stuff about America and about the election, which I obviously love and I get to just chit-chat away about my patriotic beloved home  and its non-sensical political ways, also what I love about it and these and thats about whys and whos.

People line up for hours to vote, they spend months knocking on doors, making phone calls, displaying passion, it’s a ridiculous set of dedications to be committed, I’ve seen the West Wing, I know what’s up. Ug, now I miss that too.

At least, I guess, being abroad and seeing it on the news from a completely uninvolved perspective is healthy and humbling? Nevertheless, it’s not the same as the vibrancy of Americans when they care heavily about something that actually matters.  Like Trader Joe’s snacks.

Here’s to the glorious snacks I’d be having while watching in real-time what was going down with the ole’ homeland.

And, I desperately hope Barack Obama wins this election.

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