Barack Obama – Recipes from the White House| VOTE (the one that matters)

What the president and his family eat to gear up for the one of the biggest nights of world politics via Food24

Obama election 2012 food, and recipes

It’s done; the USA has elected Barack Obama (thank goodness).

Through all the red, blue, swing states, and last minute hoo-ha, we at Food24 want to know one thing:

WHAT WAS OBAMA EATING (and drinking):

We took a gander at Obama Foodorama “From policy to pie” to find out what the leader of the free world was chowing when he nervously awaited the results of the biggest election of his life.

A taster of the Election night menu: 

Ale to the Chief: Did you know the White House had it’s own home brewed beer?  Sure it won’t hold a candle to our own Cathy Marston’s home brew, but it’s good to know Obama’s a craft man.

White House Roasted Potatoes: Traditional, herb loving, roasted potatoes, simple and delicious.

The Obama Family Chilli Recipe:  He can cook too? The prez’s recipe himself.

The Biden Family Chicken Recipe:  Oh no, the Bidens are feeling left out. Shame, here’s to 4 more years of you doing nothing recipe.

White House Apple Pie:  Warm cinnamon soft melt in your mouth apples with a homemade crust because what’s an American event without good ole’ fashioned apple pie? Check our Food24 apple pietoo.
 So, what would be on your election menu?  Remember you have an entire staff of professionally trained chefs at your greedy little fingertips.
 Picture Via Obama Foodorama  “yes, we cookie!”

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