Movember: Milk and Cookies Mo’s in November

Milk and Cookies Movember

Ladies, guess what.   Today marks the very start of MOvember.  Yes, the time of year when men grow moustaches to save their balls and prostate (and other less humourous seeming body parts).

It’s a glorious occasion when we can relive the late 70’s and give our men the opportunity to rock a thick (and often patchy) decadent hairy stache to take hold of their masculinity and be proud of their unique gender ability (minus a few women).  And, to look like Tom Selleck.

Sure some guys look pervy: cut to typical pedophile photo, who cares, it’s for a good cause.  And, the more people who grow mo’s the more people who I get to see with moustaches.  I mean the more we all become aware that men die younger than women because they just don’t take care of themselves like they should.

Yes, no moustache participation means die younger, moustache means live longer.  You heard it here.

And now a hottie with a mo below!

Milk and Cookies Celebrates MovemberFacts about mens health:

Testicular cancer is most often found in men between 15-35 (younger than you probably thought).

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths for men in South Africa.

Some tips on men’s health from Movember.

Men die 5-10 years earlier than women.

In the USA 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Some Good News:

While more men in South Africa are getting checked for HIV in recent years, it’s still the leading cause of death.   While women do get checked more, statistics for our youth (under 20) are more equal between men and women.  Which means if we keep pushing men’s health in all aspects, younger men and women could live equally healthy lives.

Ok, so what can we MOsistas do?

Nag:  Nag and bother all men over the age of 50 (40 if you have a family history) to go get someone to stick a finger up their ass.  Women, we start getting paps at like 16, so they must just buck up.  Nag them to get HIV screenings, eat healthier, and to stop smoking (maybe even for just MOvember).

So, take no prisoners and nag your dad, or brother, boyfriend, or bestie to be a better man and take charge of their bodies.

Guilt:  “Daddy, I want you to see your grandchildren.”  You got this.

Set up an appointment:  Trick them, throw treats in the car and tell them you are headed to the opposite of the mall.

Raise funds:  Choose a charity that concerns men’s health that’s close to you.  CANSA, ACS research, or Movember Fund are good options.


Enjoy the moustache ride!  

Celebrate MOvember all month long with videos, recipes, competitions, photos of moustache growth, facts about men’s health, and general moustache awesomeness and health awareness.

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  1. For a Brilliant cause an for their better being. Thank you so much for the info.. will be addressing the man Tonight.
    I know its not a joke but …..”Nag and bother……. to go get someone to stick a finger up their ass” Just had me in spasms of laughter and almost made me fall off my chair… Thanks gain

  2. Will take your advice and remind him of this—– know he will listen– will scare the shit out of him!!!!

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