Bompas and Parr’s Pickle Chandelier

Jellymongers at Spiersecret | Milk and Cookies

Dear Bompas and Parr (you crazy Jellymongers),

You had me at food Dadaism.

You could have stopped there and my brain would have had reels of footage to create. But, you had an hour to fill at the Spier Secret Festival. So go on you did and a pitter-patter of excitement of food experiments gone awesome was upon me.

My knees went limp at rocky mountains of chocolate.  Did you say you actually created a rock climbing wall with a waterfall of miles of chocolate? Yes, yes, you did.  My American heart be still.

Then, I had to pretty much change my underwear when I found out we’d be lighting up pickles that could kill you with their pumping power.  I should have known that illuminating food from the inside obviously needs 30,000 watts when a light bulb needs what, like 100?  How do I even really explain this to the people who sorely missed out on a pickle chandelier?

I won’t so here’s the video:

After soaking up your personal love of jelly, a medium and food you believe everyone has a personal story about (I do, but for another time, because we will meet again, is that creepy? sorry…).  I now know any ridiculous, absurd, or hey, maybe even completely practical, science experiment with things I can eat and maybe some things I probably shouldn’t is something you guys have already thought of, are working on, and are about to jolt some power into.

Bompas and Parr, when I die, I’d be honoured if you lumo jellied my dead body, or blew it up with some caking agent, or better yet, covered it in chocolate and came up with some super decadent experiment that pickled me into a marinated slide show of body parts. Did I go too far?  No,  I’m sure I didn’t, because you guys are the food scientists and I’m pretty sure going too far is not in your nature.

So, with all my abstract, food loving, kid at heart respect, I’m totally yours –


P.S. – if you are blowing anything up, lighting anything I’d normally keep in my fridge, or making a jelly sculpture of let’s say, the big 5 animals of South Africa, let a girl know.

Jellymongers Spier Secret Festival Market |  Milk and Cookies



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  2. […] some Bompas and Parr, the jellymongers, and food scientists for the first ever pickle chandelier, which is exactly what […]

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