Confessions of a non-alcoholic: My one year drinking challenge

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This is an article written for Food24, a fantastic food loving website in South Africa (the biggest in Africa) hosting recipes, food bloggers, events, and restaurant reviews and listings.   I recommend you learn some stuff about food in South Africa, what’s different what’s the same, type deal, we have incredible produce here and the meat is outrageous, which has nothing to do with this article.

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Confessions of a non-alcoholic: My 1 year drinking challenge

Listen, I have a confession to make. Don’t judge me.

My name’s Shaina and I’m a non-alcoholic.

“Hi, Shaina”.

In NAA (non alcoholics anonymous) we’d chat about being the first to drink only 1 beer and pass out on a strangers couch, or the night we didn’t binge drink and could totally remember everything.

Lame and left out (just look how much fun everyone’s having on facebook):

As a result of my non-alcoholism, I also suffer from severe *FOMO (fear of missing out); in a world where almost everyone in every culture likes to drink, I feel like I am completely missing out.

It’s down-right embarrassing that I live in the alcohol blessed country of South Africa, which has a long history of epic wine and beer ranking with the best in the world and don’t drink any of it.

The crazy thing is, I know nothing about Chenin Blanc or the difference between a Pinotage and aRosé (Rosé is pink, come on!).

I’m lost in a world of sobriety and frankly, it’s time to get educated. I’m over being sobre (you don’t hear that one often, hey?). I don’t want to be left out of flavours and cultural experiences any longer.

The not so challenging challenge:

For my 28th birthday, I am declaring a year of booze brainwashing. In order to understand food and culture, I must also understand how alcohol pairs with it; use drinking as a means of cultural connectivity.

No more FOMO for me, just a quest to taste.  If you have suggestions, I want them. If you know of an event, I want to know about it. And, if I’m completely off about my perceptions, tell me… nicely please.

So, here’s to a year of beer (and wine, and whatever else). Bottoms up!

And, if all else fails, I’m sure they’ll be some interesting pictures.



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