Milk and Cookies at Secret Festival market, Spier wine farm

Secret Festival via Toffee at Spier wine farm and estate | Mil and Cookies

Milk and Cookies is about to rock the  Secret Festival market at the Spier wine farm and estate, this coming weekend.  After a pretty sweet ticking time bomb in my mailbox, Milk and cookies was invited to join in the secret fun of the secret market along with some other South African food lovers and big names in the food industry (names so big I haven’t even heard of them they are so fancy).

In honour of the secret vibe, Milk and Cookies will be releasing some of the products available at the market, so keep those chocolate loving eyes open.

For now: This video pretty much explains nothing but explains it all, it’s all a secret till you get there.


When: October 27th 10:00 – 16:00

Where: Spier wine farm and estate

For more about the festival follow @spiersecret.  For more foodventures and eatvents follow @MilkandCookieSA


One comment

  1. Wish I could make the treats as good as you do!!!!

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