Braai Quiche: upcycle those leftovers

Even though it’s been raining and miserable in Cape Town that doesn’t mean the  hard cores and desperates for summer stop their braaing (a braai is a barbecue for the 10s of Americans reading).

Instead of the usual reheated leftover culprits, here’s an easy recipe to use all that uneaten goodness (or for just an awesome braai appetizer). It tastes ridiculous and is uber easy to make.

So, let the flavours develop in the oven as you sit and recover from yesterday’s hearty feasting and fire making (yes you are awesome, you made fire, even if it was just a gas dial).

Follow the easy step-by-step picture recipe below:

Chop up your meat – boerewors is so delicious with eggs because of the coriander, but burgers, chicken, lamb, any animal will do (vegetarians you guys can throw your veg patties in there).

If you aren’t braaing onions whole, you should be.  Beware, they taste great but more than one might have a tendency to tear up even the strongest of men’s tummies (onion fiber is power people).

Throw the garlic, onion, and boerewors into a bowl and set aside.

Quiche super star players: milk and eggs, mix em’ and beat em’.

Beat it.  Get frustrations out.

Grate the cheese please.

Add it to egg mix.

Chop up your herbs to wake up the flavour flav.

Toss into the egg mix. Set aside.

Take golf ball sized pieces of pastry dough.

Roll out until they are thin (about 3mm thick)  but don’t let them break (the eggs will run through them and as fun as cleaning burnt egg off of the bottom of your oven is, the burnt smell does nothing positive for the quiche).

Use the rolling-pin to lift them up and place them over the tart tray.

Fit into tray and remove edges.

Add boerewors, onion, and garlic mix and spread gently.

Spoon egg and cheese mix over the top, filling to just below full, good luck not spilling it on the way to the oven.

Bake for about 15 – 20 minutes on a medium heat – 170 C/ 350 F.  Let cool.



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