Sunday Parkways in Portland

When the season is right, Portland shuts down the main roads of city neighborhoods and turns them into bicycle flying freedom.  Hundreds of Portlandia residents strap on their helmets, pump up their tires, and ring ring their bells as they head to the starting line.  Ok, it’s not a race, it’s more similar to a very leisurely stroll.  Among all the ins and outs of Portland communities ridden, the city of Portland’s Bureau of Transportation has, superbly, planted vendors for your biking  and consumer pleasure.

Taking two-wheeled (three if you’ve got a kid attached to the back, 4 if you are dragging 2 kids behind, yikes), self peddling, bikes around towns while cars are shunned in horror is an event catching on around the world.    Bogotá, Colombia shuts down every Sunday holiday for their Ciclovia.  Seems they started the whole shebang concept, although it’s likely there are some who could argue that biking on closed roads in true hipster fashion, has existed since bikes have.

The self-powered smoothie maker.  Ride, blend, and drink.  I’m definitely making one of these for smoothies and milkshakes, make a smoothie and get where I need to go, bonus smoothie, yes.

The journey continued onward to find the so precious coffee the brain needs to continue to function and even further (literally the next space over) danced teeny tiny cupcakes made of Champaign and strawberries from Hungry Heart Cupcakes, with a logo of an actually aggressive hungry heart, ready to chow down on that fearful cupcake, just like the mouths of many, chomp chomp.

The closing of roads so we can cruise around on bikes and buy breakfast, brunch, and lunch from local vendors is a rad concept that should catch on in all cities.   It’s a lovely way to get out of the house, hang with some hipsters, some families, lots of dogs, and some generally happy people since they are all cruising, getting treats, and chatting it up with the neighbors, the very same as you.


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