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Happy Halloween, bullshit, cakes and cupcakes in South Africa (BOO!)

Carol Wienburg’s Cakes let me come in and shoot her incredible Halloween designs, goodies for the world to ogle.   And, while I snapped some shots, it got me thinking about Halloween. South Africa is an awesome place for sure, but holiday spirit here is nothing of the American sort.  I’m sure it’s irritating for the typical American to […]

Carol's Cakes Halloween | Milk and Cookies

Halloween festive feast of the eyes : photo gallery

A little festive feast of the eyes: Halloween cakes, cake pops and cupcakes made by local Cape Town baker Carol Wienburg.

Jellymongers at Spiersecret | Milk and Cookies

Bompas and Parr’s Pickle Chandelier

Dear Bompas and Parr (you crazy Jellymongers), You had me at food Dadaism. You could have stopped there and my brain would have had reels of footage to create. But, you had an hour to fill at the Spier Secret Festival. So go on you did and a pitter-patter of excitement of food experiments gone awesome was […]

Merchants Cafè

Cape Town’s got it.  Pop up restaurants are so hot right now.  Damn their enticing trendiness. October 25th marks the invitation for Capetonians to hit up Merchants Cafe a little restaurant opening from the people of Merchants on Long.  Inspired by design and local love, Merchants Cafe aims to host one pop-up restaurant a month, […]

Confessions of a non-alcoholic: My 1 year drinking challenge

Confessions of a non-alcoholic: My one year drinking challenge

Prelude to an article: This is an article written for Food24, a fantastic food loving website in South Africa (the biggest in Africa) hosting recipes, food bloggers, events, and restaurant reviews and listings.   I recommend you learn some stuff about food in South Africa, what’s different what’s the same, type deal, we have incredible produce here […]

Secret Festival via Toffee at Spier wine farm and estate | Mil and Cookies

Milk and Cookies at Secret Festival market, Spier wine farm

Milk and Cookies is about to rock the  Secret Festival market at the Spier wine farm and estate, this coming weekend.  After a pretty sweet ticking time bomb in my mailbox, Milk and cookies was invited to join in the secret fun of the secret market along with some other South African food lovers and […]

Salted Toffee Rice Krispies Treats Recipe | Milk & Cookies

Salted Toffee Rice Krispies Treats | step-by-step picture recipe

These treats are moreish, salty, sweet, covered in chocolate and reminiscent of childhood, so what are you waiting for?  Go, make them now, I promise you wont regret it. Picture recipe below: For more recipes, foodventures & give-aways follow @MilkandCookieSA The goods: all delicious separately (including the butter, don’t judge me like you’ve never licked pure butter off your […]

Roasted Eggplant | Milk & Cookies

Roasted Eggplant | step-by-step photo recipe

So, Thursday, at the Earthfair market, little baby brinjals/eggplant sung out to me, purple, petite and a box for R10.   Ok, I’m calling it eggplant, I’m American, I live in South Africa, and there are just a few things that’ll never change.  I call garbage “rubbish” and use the word “kak”, so let’s hope all you […]

How To Roast a Pepper | Milk & Cookies

How to roast a pepper | Step-by-step

Not sure why, but in my previous non-cooking life, I thought roasted peppers came from a magical already oiled and salted, pepper tree.  This is not true, believe it, I had to.  And, when I found out from a friend that roasting peppers required very little work,  the browbeating task of slaving away to remodel […]

Peanut butter bombs recipe | Milk & Cookies

Peanut Butter Bomb Cookie Recipe (Gluten Free)

Peanut butter, pools of melted marshmallow, hazelnuts, dates, and flax-seed; no butter, no flour.  One of those cookies you could throw anything into only as a bonus; it’s a cookie with exponential possibilities because eating is the only mathematics I can excel in. Peanut butter has been a serious addiction, plowing through a jar, a bag of […]

Quinoa Salad : roasted tomatoes and chickpeas with fresh rocket and lemon oil dressing

This simple salad is packed with protein.  Easy to make and full of flavour, quinoa  is a staple in South America, specifically Peru, where apparently they eat this like Asians eat rice, Americans eat corn, and South Africans eat pap.  But, foreign or local, this grain is unlike most of its  brethren, boasting low carbs and high […]

Braai Quiche: upcycle those leftovers

Even though it’s been raining and miserable in Cape Town that doesn’t mean the  hard cores and desperates for summer stop their braaing (a braai is a barbecue for the 10s of Americans reading). Instead of the usual reheated leftover culprits, here’s an easy recipe to use all that uneaten goodness (or for just an […]

Sunday Parkways in Portland

When the season is right, Portland shuts down the main roads of city neighborhoods and turns them into bicycle flying freedom.  Hundreds of Portlandia residents strap on their helmets, pump up their tires, and ring ring their bells as they head to the starting line.  Ok, it’s not a race, it’s more similar to a very leisurely stroll.  Among […]