Weekend French Toast

French toast is not only for the weekends, that’s the most important thing to remember.  Savory, sweet, whatever, whenever. However,  French toast is a dish best served on the weekend.  It’s a brunch menu staple and a favorite to many.  Many of my food happy friends compare French toast around their cities just like pizza, hot dogs, and coffee.  Restaurants get mighty creative with their egg bread combo, stuffing it, drenching it, and topping it with super fine fruits, meats, and syrups.

This here’s a recipe for French toast inspired by the weekend, made late in the morning, with friends, and toppings that are easily found in most fridges.

The nut inside the peach pit tasted like an almond… maybe I just found an almond on the counter and thought it was a peach pit? But obviously tried to eat it regardless.

Thought they couldn’t get any prettier until….

you sprinkle sugar on it!

Cinnamon added to the eggs & milk, don’t let anyone tell you cinnamon can’t be savory and sweet.

A round raisin bread from Rosh Hashanah, which I found out some people dip into honey for the new year…. that’s a tradition I’m holding on to.

Multi-grain bread for good measure, adds a nice texture to the softness of the eggs.

Two pans for when you are desperate to finish and eat.

Funny how a stack of French toast looks like a lot until 5 people serve themselves.

Stack it up.

Top it off your French toast with any fruit, avocado, and/or syrup.  There’s a little coconut creme syrup on there too.  Get creative and paint that eggy canvas.


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