The Kitchen is Totally Bitchin’

Standing outside, waiting for lost friends, (The Kitchen is inconspicuously located in Woodstock, so keep your eyes peeled), Karen Dudley approaches a group of what looks to be lost patrons and invites us in.   We explain that we are waiting for the rest of our direction following impaired friends (they blamed the delay on their GPS… I blame their delay on the entirety of Cape Town’s inability to be punctual). She folds her hands together and glances at an empty bench advising newbies to hop on it before it fills up with coffee drinkers and sandwich eaters.  The green benches are small and focused, this is a lunch place for busy people… aaaand people who aren’t as busy but love themselves some good food.  She heads back into the bustling eatery and shmoozes with her customers.  Whatever she is selling, this team has been sold.

This Kitchen is totally bitchin’.

So, don’t try to get to The Kitchen after 2:30, their food disappears.  No, really, they pump out sandwiches and salads so hard they actually run out of ingredients by the end of the day.  It must feel damn good though.  The line, out the door, moves quickly.  For a first timer, it’s a museum of tea cups and trinkets and deciding what to look at, the food or the scattered antiques can be hard.  But get focused ’cause the menu changes and even if you are a regular, decisions are hard come by.

Take it back to work, home, or eat in, The Kitchen locks down all three.  Love the “love sandwich” with all the toppings,: pesto, lettuce, pickles, and avocado and your choice of meat.  The chicken was pretty spectacular, juicy, and tender.  Choose 5 salads if your feeling healthy or a sandwich & a salad, if life’s got you feeling really nutty.

The warmth of this particular restaurant is something to behold, it’s like home, but the fridge is way fuller and you don’t have to scrounge through leftovers for lunch.  Dudley’s foodventures have brought her back to Cape Town with a smile on her face and some hearty, wholesome, dishes on the plate.

Some goodies to choose from:

All that ends up on here: 

Salad selections: that purple-black rice there, Japanese something or other, fan – freaking – tastic.

The woman of wonderful food herself.

A cookie challenge!  They are soft and chewy like a real cookie should be, a challenger (not a winner) to the Milk & Cookies fair.  Still, delish and freshly baked.

Finish it off with something sweet.  One bite cheesecake squares.

The Kitchen

Phone: 021 462 2201
Address:  111 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
The stretch of Main Road (M4) closer to town, between the Palms Centre and Banks Dealers, opposite Fairweather House, right in the middle of Woodstock’s Art Gallery Precinct.
Hours: 8:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday

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