The Legend of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

Legend has it, Biker Jim was once a repo man who decided to ditch his career with cars and live life to its capacity. Throughout his life’s feats and adventures, Biker Jim journeyed to Alaska making a friend who would soon be the catalyst for Biker Jim’s new chapter just west of the Rocky Mountains. The kindred soul, all the way there up in Alaska, sold not just the classic frankfurters, but ones with so much character and ingenuity that the animals around ran for the hills in fear of being turned into a sausage. But they just didn’t make it.  There after, a hotdog cart was opened and subsequently a restaurant to display these delicious dogs to the hip, organic, foodie loving area named Denver.

Now, this gourmet dog joint, is home to the Alaskan reindeer hotdog smothered in caramelized onions set atop a mound of creamy cream cheese.  If that were all he served the world would be blessed enough, but wait, there’s more.   Wasabi aioli, cactus Malaysian jam, or New Jersey Chili, are doused generously on soft white buns with rattlesnake, duck, bore and elk, to name a few.  Their sides are monumental in flavor.  Their cauliflower is beyond and is bursting with taste.  Share sides and taste your friend’s choices.

They’ve got food for everyone, kids and vegetarians. The soda is made with real sugar instead of fructose.  All good quality, hearty meat, that makes your belly full, your camera happy, and your taste buds satisfied.

Biker Jims is located in downtown Denver at 2148 Larimer Street.


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