Hitched in Key West

Besides for the attractive sandy beaches and the young and old partying till wee hours of the early morning “wooing and wahooing,”  Key West is famous for its (well deserved)  picturesque wedding destinations in America.   And, what’s a better reason to travel to a beautiful location than to celebrate the union of two people who…. ok, what’s a better reason to get drunk with your friends and family than a wedding!?

So, naturally when I found out my cousin was getting married in Key West at the, beyond decadent, Casa Marina Resort, I didn’t hesitate to RSVP “yes.”

The night before the wedding we went out, bride, groom, families and all, and partied on Duval Street.  Generally, I’m not caught up with hectic party plans and usually head home before I pass out at 12, but there’s something about Key West that keeps you buoyant.  Maybe it’s the taxi ride games you play like trying to squeeze 9 people into a small Toyota, or young college students clanking their shot glasses with retired fisherman, or the board shorts and flip-flops that everyone has chosen not to change out of from earlier that day. I honestly don’t know, but a place like Key West quickly becomes addictive and what seems like it could  be a long 4 days, flies right by.

Sure, forcing your family and friends to just chill out and celebrate you may seem a bit narcissistic, but let’s be honest, all weddings are anyway, so you may as well extend it to a 4 day celebration instead of 1.  Just one look at those beaches and a drink down the hatchet and you are sold, realizing that you could  find any couple to celebrate with regardless of wedding selfishness, as long as it’s an excuse to take you down to the Keys.

I guess I’ll never really know if it was just the fact that my family was boozed for a week straight together or if it was the white sandy beaches, the love in the air, or the ridiculous sea food I was eating, that made me fall in love with Key West again, but it doesn’t really matter at all does it?  Because, the point is, it’s actually a fine mix between the luxury resorts, seedy bars, white sandy beaches, and a youthful energy that doesn’t quit, that makes Key West so damn fantastic, wedding or not.


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