Oh-Lief Baby Shower

Oh-lief Natural Baby Products is run by sisters Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan. Their office smells of lavender and honey.  Their products: organic, natural, and sustainable.  Their shop: warm and bright.  And, their love of local: perfection.

A few weeks ago, Milk & Cookies held its first POP-UP shop at Salt Circle in Woodstock.  Christine, currently preggers, marched out, daily, to the open courtyard, smelling of bacon, confidently ordering whatever I offered, fantastically supportive of a new foodie adventure.  I loved seeing these ladies at lunchtime (and before and after).

Louiza, currently not preggers, asked me to cater Christine’s baby shower, an opportunity that not only afforded me to make delicious goodies, ya ya that’s all good, but gave me another excuse to enjoy the fragrance of Oh-lief’s products. Actually, a little surprised that they didn’t find it creepy to close my eyes and inhale the aroma….. multiple times.

After many hours dominating the kitchen and a semi-meltdown regarding the presentation of the cheesecake, I hopped my little (we’re going with little) tush into Gary’s awesome yellow Suzuki and drove off to set up my first baby shower with these tasty appies and desserts.

Some creamy spinach dip with artichoke is always a winner and healthy too (used cottage cheese & veg).

Cute personal quiche.  What makes these even better, no there’s no bacon, is the way these ladies say the word quiche with a slight Afrikaans twinge.  I can only say I love it and will persist on discussing quiche with them just for the mention.

Check the bacon wrapped dates stuffed with cheddar cheese.  Making 25 of these was only depressing, but grandpa says I can’t eat bacon every day and live until 94, so bacon on odd days then?

When I made this cheesecake at the POP-UP, Christine came out for 2 pieces, but who wouldn’t want 2 slices of dark chocolate chunk cheesecake?  Louiza ordered all her POP-UP favs.

Love lemon: lemon poppy-seed cupcakes with a lemon icing drizzle, which maybe turned into a slather.

Louiza’s attempts to surprise Christine were not all successful, social media and social media on your phone makes surprise parties all the more challenging.  But, she clearly loves her sister oodles, not only were my Milk & Cookies there, but all of what seemed to be Christine’s happy foods and drinks made an appearance.

Let’s just say, you know it’s not your average cheesy baby shower when there’s like 10 bottles of wine for 15 people on the table.

Just so lovely to be a part of it all.


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